Sunday, 8 November 2015

TAG: Nail Polish Obsession

Tag, it’s tag time and its topic is nail polish, in fact this is the “Nail Polish Obsession Tag”!
I’ve been tagged by my friend Kami to answer these 10 quick questions directed to all people with a serious obsessive compulsive nail lacquer problem. 

Here are the questions for a read and shot:

1. What’s your favorite nail polish brand?I like trying and trying, thus I fall in love relatively easily, maybe too much easily.
Anyway, I can’t say I’m sure about my love for one particular brand, in case I’ve just used one nail polish I liked from it as it has happened with essence, Color Club or Kiko.

I admit that I like Avon because I use them a lot and I’ve been using it since 2007 to show it to my clients and friends; I appreciate especially Avon Nailwear pro+ nail lacquers with metallic and satin finishes, MAGIC effects toppers and some Color Trend.

2. Yes to glitters or no to glitters?
Glitters, absolutely. Every occasion is good for a generous cascade of glitters on my nails. All shapes, colours and sizes are welcome.

3. OPI, China Glaze or Essie?
Damn and shame on me! So far I've only used OPI nail polishes, so should I choose it? : D

4. How often do you change your nail polish?
It depends on a few factors: inspiration, mood and weather. Yes, because if there's a nice sunny day, I’m happy and I change my nail colour. Even several times a week.

5. What’s your favorite colour for your nails?
All shades starting from the primary red, but I do not discriminate the other colours.

6. Pale or dark?

7. Mat nails: in or out?
In, absolutely.

8. Do you like French manicure?
The traditional one isn’t my cup of tea, I prefer a French with something particular, an original twist, on my nails.

9. What’s your favourite winter nail polish shade?

10. What’s your favourite summer nail polish shade?

So, now you know my preferences about nail polishes! I pass this tag to these 5 blogger friends of mine:
Melody and… everyone who loves to paint the world with all the colours of the rainbow!
If you join in, leave your blog post link below or comment with your answers!

Valentina Chirico aka Valens


  1. che tag carino!!!! risponderò prestissimo cara!!! grazie mille per aver pensato a me, un bacio!!!

    1. Grazie Lory! Sono curiosissima di sapere i tuoi colori preferiti ;-)
      Un bacione

  2. ciao!!!
    ti ho scoperta solo adesso...e mi piacciono un sacco le tue recensioni, nuove e un pò diverse dalle solite!
    Ora mi leggo un pò del tuo Blog! Complimenti!
    Passa a trovarmi e se ti va sono agli inizi, ho solo da imparare!
    un bacio

    1. Ave Valentina!
      Ti ringrazio tanto, non solo per la visita, ma soprattutto per i tuoi complimenti. Tanto karma positivo a te ;-)
      Scrivi di quello che ti piace e non avrai problemi... si inizia sempre da un piccolo passo.

  3. Simpatico! Sto per postarlo...potrai dare un'occhiata tra pochissimo ;)

  4. Cara come già ti ho detto,grazie di cuore per avermi taggata...provvederò prestissimo a preparare il post :-)
    Un bacione cara


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