Sunday, 29 November 2015

Shipping from USA to Italy is convenient with and its shipping services

It’s holiday shopping time for all, with Cyber Mondays and Christmas sales going around, how about making shipping from the United States to your country, like Italy, easier, safer and cheaper?
I’ve found that it’s possible with e-services like
Indeed US online market has an incredibly huge “products showcase” with nice offers and items European people can just crave and dream about.
For example, there are beauty products, real gurus’must-haves, that become really hard or impossible to be shipped worldwide or very expensive once the shipping costs are added.

This problem can be solved with an U.S. home address, but what to do if we have no friends nor relatives living in the US that can help us?
Solution! We can get a free and personal U.S. address from, a site that offers different and interesting shipping and logistic services for shopping online. 
The available services are the following:
- the ”free U.S. address” that works in a very basic way. After shopping online, your package arrives at the USaddress warehouse, then shipped to your door. You can also foresee how much the shipping to your country will be!
- The “courier label image”, a free service that allows your packs to be easily identifiable.
- The “shop for you service” that enables you to shop from amazon directly through, so that you’ll know exactly the total costs among product price, US taxes, shipping.
- The “package storage service”, USaddress will safely keep your packages in its warehouse for free for 30 days.
- The "shipping insurance service", the insurance on your packages.
- The “package consolidation service”, a perfect idea for multiple purchases! With it you can combine more packages from different shops for a unique shipping.
- The “package optimization service” to decrease of your packages and lowering the shipping cost.
- The “content inspection service” to finally say goodbye to bad surprises!

A"shop for you" example: an amazon listing of an eco-friendly bracelets with all information about item price, taxes, shipping costs and total price.

The free address option is a really smart idea, in fact I’ve found there’s a lot of sites that don’t ship to EU or Italy, especially when it comes to beauty products, making my dreams a real nightmare.
This service will allow me to bypass this little trouble!
Surfing through the USaddress site is really flawless and the sign up process is really easy.

Signing up and getting your own U.S. adress is quick and intuitive

Last but not least , at the moment and till 15th January, USaddress is holding a special promotion for all PayPal users: everyone can get 20% off any shipping from US to Italy or your own country and free "consolidation service" to reduce the shipping quota up to 70% with the coupon code PAYPALBF20.
This coupon can be used up to three times and works on every and each purchase done from any shop online by using the USaddress provided by USaddress site.
Shopping and shipping from the U.S. can be smarter and customizable, can’t it?
You can discover all the offers at the USaddress site, on Facebook and twitter.

Valentina Chirico aka Valens

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