Wednesday, 18 November 2015

News: The Root Box, the eco-friendly and smart makeup organizer

How many products do we use in the morning? Are they stored in the proper way so that they’re ready to be picked up and used?
Dorothy Chan and Thao Trinh have created an eco-friendly and multipurpose innovative product that can really make makeup more logical: it’s The Root Box.

The Root Box by The Root Theory is a handcrafted makeup station made of bamboo, the best raw material for everyday items because it’s lightweight and, most of all, highly renewable.
Thus bamboo is the eco-friendly natural material for excellence!You can store your tools and beauty products while keeping them tidy in many ways, but The Root Box isn’t like any another make-up boxes in the market. 
Indeed, it features a drawer that can be easily removed to clean up the box, several shelves, a built-in mirror, space to let your brushes dry perfectly horizontally and flat, space for your iPhone and iPad and a patent pending lattice system to organize all your brushes no matter their size.

Who are the designers and creators? Women like us!
Dorothy and Thao are two old-time friends who have studied business and product design from California.
They created their first make-up box/stand back in 2014 and sold it on Etsy and local craft fairs.
Their make-up box had such a great success that they’ve decided to redesign and improve the initial product, this is how The Root Box prototype was born.
You can do a little donation to cover the starting costs and let everyone enjoy this products around the globe starting from 2016.

Visit The Root Theory page on Kickstarter to give your help to Dorothy and Thao in realizing their ecological and smart project.
You can also follow The Root Box journey on Facebook, twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.
Mother Nature says thank you, while your vanity table won’t be the same soon thanks to The Root Box.

Valentina Chirico aka Valens


  1. Oh very cute idea darling!
    Thanks for share with us
    This looks pretty too

    1. You're welcome, Raimar!
      I'm glad you like this project as much as I do... it's brilliant!


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