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#LushHalloween2015 event in Naples: spooktacular Halloween products and flash #LushChristmas2015 sneak peek

After a morning spent at the University for my first ever master course*, I had just one idea in mind: coming back to the Lush shop in via Toledo to buy a Lush Halloween product.
I've tried many Lush products for hair and body, but I haven’t used yet something in limited edition for the spookiest and most colorful event of the year and my choice fell on a shower jelly!Why? Well, because it’s useful and fun to use… iced! So I’ve bought Nightwing and asked to make some shots for the blog... then an incredible invitation came for the coming afternoon.
The lovely staff from the Lush Napoli shop invited me to discover the new guys for Halloween and Christmas 2015, and, if you have a little patience, I’ll show you in a couple of articles what I’ve found out about them.

Lush products are always particular in colours, shapes, scents and effects; those created for Halloween and Christmas 2015 are even more!
Your sense of the smell will enjoy these limited edition bath and body products because their main feature is a particular olfactive notes combination, that is a mixture of sweet scents, like fair trade vanilla, and spicy oils and infuses.
This kind of aroma will wrap and capture you, relax and energize at the same time. 

If you pop in a Lush shop, you’ll be hypnotized by this particularity.

At the center of Lush Napoli shop, Halloween products have been proudly displayed:

Lord of Misrule bath bomb: a magic sphere that fizzes and explodes into pink, white and turquoise foam swirls with a surprise at the end. It has vanilla, patchouli and black pepper notes and leaves the skin hydrated, smooth and very soft.
Nightwing: don’t let this bad guy fool you! Even if it may remind you of a big blueberry jelly, it smells of lime.
Its scent is fresh and crisp, it recharges your batteries after a day of studies!
It also contains aloe vera and vitamin E to be gentle with your skin; it’s sold inside a plastic jar, so that you can use and store it with ease and put it in the refrigerator before your shower, because it’s better cold!

Sparkly Pumpkin is pure magic, it leaves a trail of glittery golden dust in its wake
Just touch this wicked pumpkin to be enchanted… it’s a bubble bar, one has to crumble it in the bath tub under the running water to see loads of foam.
It has a spicy aroma with a touch of fresh lime. I’ve fixed my bath tub so I can use it!If you are a shower guy-gal, then you can try Lord of Misrule creamy version: it has the same intriguing scent, but it’s a shower cream enriched with wheat germ and vitamin E to hydrate the skin.
The result is a zombie-sque green fluid that does only good things to and for you, no harm… it won’t eat you!
The girl at the shop recommended to pair it with Christingle, a body conditioner in limited edition for Christmas 2015. A rinse off pure treatment you can enjoy with your touch and nose because it leaves a fresh, almost crystal clear, scent of peppermint and menthol.
I’ve tried it and I think it’s a fabulous experience!
Even crazy Halloween products deserve to be nicely packed for the holidays because they’re bewitched but goodhearted!
These bath products above are available in funny gift kits ready to be donated or stored until Christmas time: with Pumpkin Heebie-Jeebie and Bat Heebie-Jeebie you can make both bath tub enthusiasts and quick shower people happy! But if you like to “do it yourself” your gifts, you can opt for a furoshiki, from the Japanese idea of knotted square tissues: Pumpkin (see here in which country it's currently available) and Pink Moon furoshiki are an eco-friendly idea as they can be reused many time overtime as people want!

The staff members in the Lush shops arealways kind and friendly, they’re ready to sing and explain how products work, what is the best choice for you and how to mix and match them for the best result.

They can apply on your hand a scrub or a body lotion to make you feel the difference and touch the greatness of Lush products or make tons of foam from a tiny piece of bubble bar like “playing” with you. So, for example we’ve picked our favourite launch among all the Halloween and Christmas items and did a selfie together. 
What have I choosen? I’m holding a dark block.. I apologize to Lord of Misrule and Snowcake soap, that has come back this year again; I love both a lot but I've found Reindeer Rock and I couldn’t say no to cute stamped reindeers and a resinous, red fruits scent. In “my inquiring nose’s opinion” this soap is warmer than fruity, but this is what makes it a great product for the big chill period!

Halloween is over but it isn’t ready to leave Lush soon or so quietly, while Christmas is preparing itself to descend upon us like snowflakes.
If you stay connected, you’ll find the details of all Halloween and Christmas limited edition Lush products, the reviews of those I’ve bought, received and I’m using.
A special thank and positive karma go to the Lush Napoli shop team and the cute bloggers known during this event for the amazing afternoon spent in good company.

Valentina Chirico aka Valens

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