Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Lush - Lord of Misrule bath bomb for Halloween

One thing is sure, the powerful protagonist of this holiday season, in particular Halloween, at Lush Cosmetics is Lord of Misrule, a real Lord with capital “L” ed a very strong personality! 
He loves to dress up as bath bomb or shower cream, today we’ll meet him as a bath bomb!

Here’s him, a greenish turquoise ball with tiny crystals that crackles with water and a sort of crown decoration all around. What makes he a “Lord”? I think, at least three peculiarities.
The first one that comes in my mind or, way better, to my nose is its scent.
Sometimes stinging due to black pepper. Yes, this bath bomb contains, in his heart of baking soda and cream of tartar, essential oil of black pepper and patchouli, vanilla essence and extract of gardenia.
Sometimes you can feel clearly these notes separately but spicy pepper prevails with patchouli, while the sweet touch of fair trade vanilla softens everything. 
This mix of essences makes Lord of Misrule inviting yet hard to forget. 
The second main features is the colour effect. Throwing Lord of Misrule in water is a real show!

This ball goes round and round while floating and creating pink, green, white and turquoise foam… and at the end? Bloody red! The photo collage and my video will give you a glimpse of the fun! 

After watching it, you’ll want to jump in the tub with him.The last note is good for your skin: Lord of Misrule is extremely hydrating. 
It doesn’t just relax and entertain with his “fireworks” but it leaves the skin soft and smooth like baby skin! For this product, Lush knew how to make people talk about it!

Lord of Misrule bath bomb is one of the Halloween 2015 limited edition bath product; you can find it on line or in any Lush shop at 3,95£ in the UK and 6.95$ in the US (check your local Lush site in order to see prices and availability).
In my opinion, the price is quite high outside UK, especially if I think it’s a “one usage product”, but it’s still a very unique bath bomb and it’s extremely hydrating.
I think it’s worth a sniff and a visit to a Lush shop.


  1. Great post and great stuff.Thanks for shared with us dear.
    Have a awesome weekend.
    Kisses xox

  2. Replies
    1. Hey Carolina, thanks for coming here!!!
      Hopefully, there's the creamy shower gel version which is also sparkly! :D
      I understand you, I've been without bath tub for some time...
      Have a nice Sunday and xoxo


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