Saturday, 28 November 2015

Emergency Christmas temporary shops in Italy for a good cause. Today: Naples' Spazio Natale Emergency shop opening

If you’re in Italy for a quick trip or pre-Christmas holidays voyage, then you’ve chosen the right time because it’s that time of the year when Emergency, the Italian no-profit NGO organization, opens its Christmas temporary shops.
Today, 28th November, the “Spazio Natale Emergency” starts its activity in Naples, directly in the city center, in via Santa Brigida 65/66.
The shop will be active till 24th December. The inauguration event is going to take place at 5:30 pm and there will be music and comic actors.

These Christmas temporary shops are scattered along the Italian peninsula and are a place where doing gifts becomes a good action: all proceeds from sales go to support Emergency operations in Italy, where the NGO provides care and health assistance for migrants.Emergency not only takes care of civilian victims of war in the poorest and troubled countries in the world (such as Iraq, Sudan and Afghanistan), but also work in Palermo with his clinic and in other 6 Italian cities with mobile units (Marghera, Polistena, Castel Volturno, Naples, Bologna and Milan).
Among the gifts you can find these shops, you’ll find handcrafted products from countries where Emergency works (Afghan embroideries, colourful patchwork textiles from Sierra Leone, batik fabrics, wooden accessories and crafts), books, toys, design pieces, Emergency gadgets, wines/drinks, traditional foods and desserts.

Turin, 2014

Florence, 2014

Bari, 2013

In these shops called Spazi Natale Emergency, you don’t just choose meaningful gifts for your family and friends; there shopping becomes an educational experience during which you’ll have the opportunity to discover the work of the organization, participate in exhibitions, meetings and musical events.
In the coming days, among today and 12nd December, in the following cities a new shop will be open: Brescia, Ferrara, Milan,  Bologna e Catanzaro (28th November); L’Aquila e Turin (29th November); Florence Rome e Forlì (1st December); Livorno (6th December) and Trento (12nd December).
All programmed openings are listed on the Emergency Facebook Page. 
With Emergency Christmas isn’t a mere consumerist event!

Valentina Chirico aka Valens


  1. Awesome post! :)

  2. Amazing post and great inspiration.
    Have a lovely Sunday.

    1. Thank you Kintan.
      I always suggest to do ethical and charitable gifts for Xmas... it's a good thing everyone should do!
      Lots of love :)


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