Monday, 12 October 2015

What's new chez Avon? Autumn 2015 new make-up and face spa products

Autumn brings a lot of new products at Avon! I’ve personally “met” and tested some of them and I’m really sure you’ll find them as exciting as I did!
Not all products shown in this post are currently available worldwide, so check your local Avon site to be sure about what you can buy at the moment.

It’s almost a sync launch… the most important Avon’s entry is the new Big & False Lash volume mascara.
If you want that Hollywood stars’ lashes but you don’t want to or have time to manage glue and falsies, you need false lashes in a tube.
The new Avon volumizing and waterproof mascara will help you thanks to its thousand fibers and almond-shaped applicator that reaches both corners of the eye and grab your lashes from roots to the ends.
Available in classic Black, natural Brown Black and peculiar Navy at 8,50£ and 6,99$ on offer in US where colours are Black, Blackest Black and Brown Black.

The newness I fell in love with is: Avon Ultra Colour tint lip pen, the first pen lip colour from Avon!It’s easy to use as drawing a line with an ink marker and it releases a vibrant, non sticky colour that dries quickly and lasts long.
It has a sweet and floral scent that’s hopefully less flowery than that from Avon Ultra Colour Indulgence lipsticks. It’s available in various shades; in the UK there are 7! Freesia, Hazelnut, Raspberry, Coral, Strawberry, Flamingo and Fuchsia at 8,50£ each.

Another new lip product is designed for wannabe rock stars and is called Color Trend Rocker Glam Kiss ‘n’ Go lipsticks from the Rockstar Collection.
Four tones: Purple Power, Red Glam, Stage Pink e Rocking Nude, with creamy formula and finish.
They glide easily onto the lips and have the amazing vanilla cookie scent as the traditional Kiss ‘n’ Go lipsticks have, but they’re more hydrating, in my opinion.

Do you wanna lace on your nails? So grab an Avon Magic Effects Lace, these are bottles filled with multicoloured glitters in six different and playful mixes: Beautiful Blue, Delicate Pink, Lacy Red, Lovely Lace, Perfect Purple, Pretty Pastel (6£). The one I’m showing here is Beautiful Blue, a sky-bomb of hexagonal blue, azure and white (3, 2, 1, ½ mm in size) glitters and blue, azure and white 1/44 mm round gliquins.These glitters are suspended in a clear base, so I recommend you to sponge them directly on your nails in order to place them exactly where you want and in the desired quantity instead of “fishing” them from the bottle.

Another new entry is the Planet Spa Indulgent SPA Ritual hydrating face mask with African Shea Butter and Cocoa, a truly delicious treatment for your skin and senses with a mouth-watering chocolate aroma.

Do you like these products? If your answer is “yes”, select and visit your Avon site to browse the catalog, find your representative and buy these goodness.
Do you need some help regarding a specific products? Drop me an e-mail
, I’ll be happy to reply.

Valentina Chirico aka Valens

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