Friday, 9 October 2015

Join Glamulet's Pink October campaign, let's spread the voice about the Breast Cancer Awarness Month

This is the prettiest and pinkiest month of the year and this is all for a good cause and a sad illness: October is The Breast Cancer Awarness month, the time of the year used to inform girls, women and everybody about the serious disease attacking females, which represents the second cause of death in world.
You can get involved in various way: by your own for your family, with your doctor, with and within your community, by donating or by purchasing something from a charity or a charitable campaign.
Today I show you what you can do with Glamulet, a jewelry brand specialized in “pocket-friendly” charms and customizable jewelry.

Breast Cancer is a very aggressive and insidious disease, I’ve seen it before in my family but talking about it may be very scaring.
All in all, we can’t be afraid of it, instead we have to fight in every possible way, with small or big action.
Even a little pink sign can recall this dreadful ghost to our minds.
For this month, Glamulet has a selection of limited edition pink ribbon-themed charms that can be added to any bracelet you have or attached to one of Glamulet’s ready made bracelets or necklaces.
For every set of the Pink Limited Edition Charms we buy, Glamulet is going to donate 50% of the sale to charity associations active in the breast cancer fight.

But you can do more and more:
- if you are a blogger you can write about this campaign that will last through the whole month of October, share stories of survivors you know and/or add a Glamulet banner to your site or blog. You can find information and banners you need at this page.
- You can snap a picture in pink and share it across the media to let people know about the Pink Month and the right actions.
- you can talk about how important is for girls and women to know about breast cancer, how it works, how to prevent it, how check your health status and how to see the early signs.
Sharing the voice is the mission of Pink October for the rest of the coming year.

Now you’re probably wondering what does Glamulet during the other 11 months of the solar year?
This online jewelry shop, born in 2014, has a mission for every and each women: making them feel confident and beautiful with accessories like charms, necklaces and bracelets made of high quality materials such as 925 sterling silver, Swarovski stones or Murano glasses, artificial and natural stones at low prices.
This is because everyone deserve to feel special and wear a meaningful piece of jewelry, no matter her economic situation.
Glamulet ships internationally, so happiness, joy and health can arrive all across the globe.

You can find and follow Glamulet through the major social media like Fb, twitter, G+, Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube.
You can know more about Glamulet’s Pink October by clicking here or you can join Glamulets’ Pink October Contest or purchasing your precious limited Edition Pink Charm.
Spread the word about Breast Cancer, let’s wear pink in October and let’s know our body better and better.
Thanks for stopping by and jumping into action.

Valentina Chirico aka Valens

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  1. we have a fast food restaurant that always does pink straws this month

    1. That's so nice, in Italy we have mainly beauty and fashion shops and brands active with "pink campaigns" :(


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