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Happy 100th birthday, Maybelline New York! Make it happen and shine like a star with Maybelline's new catwalk like make-up

It’s 100 year old but it doesn’t show it! For its birthday Maybelline New York wanted to celebrate all its fans in a very memorable and glamorous way… with three new make-up products!
With this big event the brand restarts with a new motto: “Make it happen”!
Maybelline wants you to make it your own motto, it’s an encouragement to take your dream, turn them into reality, get better and better till feeling great!

No mystery, the centenary products are the new Dream Satin Liquid foundation, the new Lash Sensational Intese Black mascara and Master Ink, its new eyeliner.
These launches have been presented at the Milan Fashion Week, and they’re all rich in formula, elegant in finishes and comfortable in wearability. 
Little jewels from the catwalk to your clutch... we’re going to explore them together! Excited?

Let’s get started from the base or from the foundation… here’s the new Dream SATIN Liquid.
The newborn in the Dream family is Dream Satin Liquid, a perfecting foundation that’s characterized by lightness and naturalness.
Dream Satin 
Liquid combines the coverage and ease of application of a traditional liquid foundation, the delicate texture and natural effect that a mousse foundation achieves!
Have you got combination skin like me, are you looking for an “easy-to-spread-allover” foundation in the morning, when we have little time, or a perfect base for a night out? I understand you and I’ve found a good product!

Dream Satin 
Liquid is contained inside a plexiglass bottle with a dosing pump that perfectly doses the product for zero waste and allows a hygienic way of usage.
Here we have 6 shades with different undertones, all with sun protection factor (SPF) 13:
n. 010 Ivory for fair skin
n. Beige Doré-Nude 021 and n. 030 Sable-Sand for medium/light skin
n. 040 Cannelle-Fawn and n. Miel 045 for medium/dark skin
n. 048 Sun Beige for dark skin
The shades I’ve tried are:
21 Nude (Beige Doré) a warm beige with a yellow under tone; 30 Sand (Sable), a rosy beige with a light touch of grey and undertone shifting between cold and neutral; 40 Fawn (Cannelle) a medium shade of rose/powder pink with decise cold undertone and 45 Miel a darker shade of beige/toffee with yellow and warm undertone.

These tones will satisfy all skin colours, but they can also be used for a natural looking contouring; while their texture makes these foundations easy to be mixed, so you can find your ideal shade with a custom mixture made by you.
I took a bit of sunbathing lately and my face is warmer now so I manage, by combining Nude and Sable, to find my skin colour.
During the secret testing weeks, I also ran several contouring tests with a very light touch of Fawn for highlighted zones, thank to its cold under tone, and Miel to create shadows, especially on my right cheek and along the jaw line.
I used my hands and a blending sponge with this new foundation and some factors of the Dream Satin Liquid surprised me positively.
Dream Satin Fluide isn’t only easy to apply but in my opinion, it’s extremely light and easy to modulate. It’s really delicate on the skin and it's like wearing a second one. 
The result is natural, but it can cover discoloration and blemishes.
It lasts long and leaves the skin soft to the touch, just like a mousse foundation does.
It can last up to 12 hours, however after one hour from the application it has to be dabbed with oil control papers to absorb extra sebum.
Dream Satin Liquid promises a “radiant and sophisticated like silk finish”.I’ve found its finish really luminous but it isn’t unnuatural or vulgar, because this foundation doesn’t contain visible reflecting particles, while it can really reflect light minimally. My face becomes radiant and seems very healthy, my complexion is even and that promised satin finish is obtained in a snap.

It has been developed to cover imperfections and minimize large pores and irregularities in the skin texture. I’ve noticed that the Dream Satin 
Liquid makes my skin tone much more homogeneous, my pores and little imperfections appear less visible.
Obviously, this foundation isn’t a Photoshop magic wand, so large pores or big pimples can’t disappear, but for all the remaining “face things” Dream Satin 
Liquid works wonderfully.
Last but not least: its fragrance. Maybelline really wanted to pamper all of us with a little aromatherapy treatment and luxury because Dream Satin Liquid has a fresh and sophisticated scent.
It has light floral notes and woody touches: it starts with apple and freshly cut grass, then it continues with rose, jasmine and lily of the valley notes and ends with amber, musk and cedar wood.
This isn’t the common foundation fragrance, but don’t worry: it’s very soft and isn’t overwhelming. During and immediatly after the application, I can pick up the floral notes but they’re so light that don’t bother me or my nose!
The notes blend together in perfect balance and I can’t find an absolute predominance between floral and wooden notes: jasmine and lily of the valley are lightened by the grass opening note.
Would I recommend the new Dream Satin Liquid?
Absolutely, if, like me, you have combination skin with dry areas or you’re looking for something extra in your beauty products or you’re searching for a natural effect foundation that’s easy to use.

Cat eye, graphic eyeliner or a simple defined eye? 
Choose your style, Master Ink, the new liquid eyeliner from Maybelline New York, will help you in having fun. But, please, forget the usual black eyeliner!
Master Ink is a precision eyeliner with a small felt brush, in fact Maybelline defines it “smart”: it’s short and small with a very thin tip. This applicator allows an easy application that’s easier than ever and helps in regulate the thickness of your line.
Master Ink’s formula is desingned to be durable and extra black; imagine the absolute black and you’ll get it!

From the three shades available in the UK, we have two versions to choose from: matte and satin.
Master Ink matte is the classic black eyeliner, 100% opaque, and dries in a couple of seconds!
Master Ink satin is the real newness: an eyeliner with a delicate and particular, yet elegant and intriguing glossy finish.
This new eyeliner doesn’t crumble easily and can be removed simply with any make-up remover or micellar water, although it isn’t a waterproof eye product, it can sit among lashes in small quantity for long time.
My favourite one is the satin version because it’s a nice twist, it represents a perfect compromise between a classic matte and a metallic eyeliner and because it can really make a simple cat eye the focus of your make-up look.
Would I recommend the new Master Ink eyeliners?
Yes, but only the Master Ink satin.

One can’t say a make-up looks is complete without a touch of mascara!
Maybelline knows how to surprise with its mascaras; it has already done it with its The Colossal Go Extreme! Volum’ (do you remember it?) and plans to do it again with a false lash effect mascara.
The new arrival is called Lash Sensational Intense Black, Lash Sensational multiplying lash mascara 2.0 version. Lash Sensational Intense Black isn’t only a volumizing product but it’s an uplifting mascara that opens up the lashes as a fan and gives them full definition.
Indeed, the new Lash Sensational Intense Black contains little waxes in its formula, so that black pigments stand out even more!

With the first coat it lengthens and defines each lash thanks to its formulation, while it lifts upward and outward the lashes and awake your eyes thanks to its “spoon” applicator.The wand is very peculiar in its kind, it has special bristles in six different sizes made out of elastomer, it has a concave and a convex side. The bristles are able to reach all lashes from the roots; the concave side of the applicator catches and grabs them, while the domed side evenly distributes the mascara to create the promised “fan” effect. How is it? A bomb!
I’ve found its formula not too fluid, not dense; the mascara is easy to apply and doesn’t stick my lashes nor create lumps. The colour is black, an absolute black, pitch black!
My eyelashes need just one coat to be dark and well-defined.
The applicator does its job, it combs the lashes and lifts them really up!
I’m not a fan of silicone applicator, but this one looks and works very much like a comb amd makes the application extremely simple.
Lasting power is great: more than 10 hours without smearing or crumbling, it resists heat and steam. I cooked in a very hot kitchen, I got steam from the owen right onto my face… my lashes were still perfect!

The new Maybelline Lash Sensational Intense Black is durable but can be removed with any make-up remover of your choice or micellar water. Would I recommend it? Yep, of course! One application is enought for emphasized lashes, two coats will give an extra volume effect.

Here's how I'm giving my birthday wishes to Maybelline in Italian and... a little congratulation in Latin!

You can find Dream Satin Liquid foundation, the new Master Ink and Lash Sensational Intese Black, all in different shades, depending on your country.
Are you ready to celebrate Maybelline? Then wear your party dress: a joyful smile and magnetic eyes!

Valentina Chirico aka Valens

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