Thursday, 15 October 2015

6 Pink Month themed manicures

As everybody knows October is the Breast Cancer Awarness Month and the globe is getting a pink makeover. For this occasion, I’ve selected 6 great pink themed manicure for you with different difficulty level; the main colour is obviously pink with some nude and white here and there.
Pass your mouse on the image to activate real time links to the sources and tutorials, that's incredibly playful!

Easy level: So Nailicious’ pink ribbon idea is a medium pink manicure with the medium nail covered in shiny glitters and the accent on the anular featuring the pink ribbon over a white background; while Instagram user @amkuck15 is sporting a gradient pink manicure and ribbon on the top a white-polished accent nail, here the after sponging cleansing step is what can take a bit of time…

Medium level: Rina Alcantara’s nail art is a saturated magenta manicure with chubby pale pink blossoms and pink ribbon on the accent nail. The flowers can be painted with a big dotting tool, a smaller one can be used for mini polka dots if desired.
Paulina’s idea needs some basic freehand painting technique for roses, the rest of this nail art consists in nube pink pinky nail beautified by silver hexagonal glitters and a pink ribbon over her medium nail.
Hard level: Lucy’s stash retro manicure. An awesome combination of soft waves and big dots that remind of 70’s room wallpapers. She created nail stickers out of tape for it.
Hard hard level: here we go! The harder, the better?
If you want to recreate Nailstorming manicure, one needs some practice and patience with hand painting! Follow her “Valentines Minions tutorial” and add some ribbons! Have you ever seen pink Minions before?
Enjoy some pink on your nails and don’t forget to spread the voice about breast cancer prevention with your friends and family.
You can also help with your purchases or direct donations!

Valentina Chirico aka Valens


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    1. They look incredible adorable... all pink painted and so unusual :D
      Thank you, Adam!!!


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