Tuesday, 15 September 2015

essence - the gel nail polish #17 Juicy Love with review and swatches (what a colour!)

#17 Juicy Love: is there a better name for this “the gel nail polish” from essence?
Juicy Love is one of essence’s gel effect nail lacquer, contained in tiny 8 ml bottle.
The cap has a colour similar to that of the nail polish, while the brush is flat and wide enought and has a rounded tip.
This nail lacquer’s consistency is dense but not too thick and it can reach an optimal opacity with just one coat. However I still prefer 2 thin coats over 1 fuller.
I used it without base coat nor top coat and the result is amazingly shocking.

The colour payoff is great and it’s very shiny, indeed taking my pictures has been really hard as I could see all the buildings of my block reflected on my nails.
Look closely at my pictures because it’s the truth!
The gel nail lacquer gives that great gel effect without the usage of an UV lamp and lasts longer than a regular nail lacquer.
Despite the typical wearing signs along the tips, Juicy Love is scratch and chemical proof and may lasts up to 8 days. It also dries decently quickly.

low price,
great colour payoff,
high resistence to scratches, shocks and chemical products,
long-lasting shine (no top coat needed),
easy application,
no stains on nails left after removal

one can’t find it everywhere;
it may stains skin and cuticole during the removal process

I have to post a song as usual... and what a song!

The exact shade? Juicy Love is the Red, the perfect red. It isn’t coral, as there are no orange traces in it, nor racing red because it’s more intense. It’s warm like love and juicy like a tasty fruit.
Its cost varies depending on the country but, one thing is sure, it’s totally inexpensive and can be bought through retail fashion shops selected by essence.
Check essence.eu in order to find the closest store with an essence display.
It has been my 2015 go-to summer colour!
#17 Juicy Love: absolutely, a must-have!

Valentina Chirico aka Valens


  1. I have this shade and it's a great color. I love how affordable essence products are.
    Great review doll.

    1. I'm so happy you like this nail polish as I much as I'm doing!!!
      Thank you very much for the compliment, I'm blushing *-*

  2. Great review and i love essence product too.They are great product.
    And this red is my fave color.Now,i´m following you on GFC member and Google+ dear.
    Hope you´ll follow me back.Keep in touch.
    Kisses xox



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