Wednesday, 26 August 2015

An open letter: my dear dentist, I wanted to tell you...

My dear dentist, you can’t even imagine the biggest gift you’ve given me!
This is what I wanted to tell him but I didn’t. No, he hasn’t offered me a free dental cleaning session...
I don’t smile, I don’t like doing it and I’ve quickly learnt to "smize" to express happiness or come decently in passport photos.
The reason is obvious: if your smile isn’t perfect, it’s the shame of the house even if this is only a minor imperfection you don’t feel as real.


The problem is called people, as usual, because if you don’t match the magazine beauty parameter, you're going to be a little and unhappy creature and you’ll deserve to be held up as a monster.
Teasing, unceasing glances, inappropriate comments are routine.
What's the lowest of the low happens during lunches with the family, that's sad and true.
I’d love very much to be perfect, but so are you?
I don’t smile, but I'm happy thanks to my dentist.
His speech can be briefly summarized as it follows: "It’s a slight flaw in a perfect set of teeth. Thin lips are horrible, many people recourse to injections to plump lips, you don’t need that!"
I think it was followed by a compliment on my lips, a "let him who is without sin cast the first stone", then followed a lightness sensation after years of heavy veiled insults.
Thank you! All this without the need for examples of models, singers or celebrities with" sympathetic front teeth"
Now I would just wear a lipstick without staining my teeth, I think I’ll buy some lip tints.

Valentina Chirico aka Valens


  1. I used to not show my teeth, but I learned that most people teasing me were picking out tiny imperfections. My meanest brother tried to convince me that I had buck teeth when I didn't. It's also like when someone calls someone else fat. If they say it enough times, no matter if they look like a stick, they'll believe it.

    1. It's so true, Adam! What I don't understand is why people love teasing and insulting so much. I can't understand that...


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