Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Bjobj - Goji anti-aging day and intensive night face creams review

Goji berries are tiny fruits rich in minerals, saturated fatty acids, vitamins B1 and C, carotenoids and polysaccharides. These berries are antioxidant bombs and are the key ingredient of Bjobj’s anti-aging line from which these two face creams come from. 

Bjobj Goji face cream

The Bjobj Goji berries-based day cream is a firming and anti-aging skin treatment, thanks to a mix of natural ingredients from certified organic agriculture and antioxidants such as Goji berries extract, murumù butter, Argan oil, mosqueta rose oil, vitamin E and coenzyme Q10.
This product has a slightly runny texture and a rich, not too greasy, formulation and it’s contained inside a bottle with a handy pump/dispenser.
It should be applied to face, neck and décolleté several times a day, but for my needs and skin type (combination), one application in the morning is more than enough. Despite the fluid texture, it absorbs quickly and leaves my skin soft and firm instantly.
It’s yellow and has a quite particular scent reminding of dehydrated Goji berries.
I’ve noticed that it can leave the oily areas of the face slightly shiny shortly after the application, but it doesn’t clog pores nor make the skin feeling “heavily covered by something weird”; it visibly hydrates the skin and it’s so delicate that turns to be perfect as a base for the preparatory phase of the make-up.
The intensive night face cream aims to continue to hydrate, fight and prevent the signs of aging. I used a sample of this product, sipping it for about a week, the results have been very promising: optimal hydration and smooth skin.
Unlike the day face cream, the nocturnal counterpart also contains Camu Camu extract, Shea butter and hyaluronic acid.
It has a slightly more liquid texture, a paler colour and a lighter fragrance which is more pleasant. 

These two Bjobj face creams have hydrated and toned all the areas of my face and neck, from the driest to the oiliest, leaving the skin breathe free. No stinging or redness found; they were both very kind to my skin.

they give a high hydration;
they firm the skin;
they aren’t irritating;
they’re vegan

day cream fragrance (for those with a very delicate sense of the smell);
no indication about the SPF

The Bjobj anti-aging day and intensive night face creams with Goji berries extract are certified Eco Bio by ICEA and they’re made in Italy so if you can’t find them in regular eco-cosmetic shops, they can be purchased online at Ecco-Verde.com.
I recommend them to every girl and woman, no matter the age, especially to my twenty-year-old contemporaries who want to start taking seriously care of their skin and want to hydrate and fight fatigue signs and early fine lines.
The price of this Bjobj skin line isn’t prohibitive at all: 18,49 € for the day cream and 19.99 € for the night cream.
The latter, the Bjobj intensive night cream, is especially nice, it’s worth a try!


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