Saturday, 31 January 2015

New year, new house, new living room?

New year’s resolution? I hope so, in the meantime I’m cheering me up by thinking about how my first real living room would be. My actual one is quite boring and dark with very heavy wooden furniture, an angular fireplace and a large sofa.
I started with one of Modani's modern sofas because I’m sure my living room, as all my fantasy home, would have white coloured furniture with linear design, white walls, parquet and… some colourful accessories, for sure!
Stool Tedo White-Modani Lightning Midsummer Light-Artecnica-Wearunique Sofa White Phantom Sofa-Modani + Bookcase Epso Shelves Lime-Modani Vases Kontur Silicon Vase-Normann Copenhagen-Wearunique Pillows-Modani Table-ArredacasaOnline Picture World Tube Map-Firebox + Coat rack Moss White-Modani

In my opinion, room accessories must be peculiar (see the vases on the table and the framed picture) and fluffy (see the pillows), while the furniture must be clear so, despite being optically big, they shouldn’t make the room too full.

Would you spend some time in my living room and a cup of tea?


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