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Thursday, 15 January 2015

Manicure time: 2015, first of all... sobriety

Oh 2015, you’re here and you’ve brought me a nice surprise: the flu! Thank you, however, I must come back and show you what I wore when the clock struck the midnight on new year's eve. 
For a pure matter of etiquette, I was wearing a very elegant, yet basic, colour combination, I thought “it’s better simple than naked!”.

For this new year manicure, I’ve taken back some old favourite nail polishes from my bottle box: I applied three coats of a sheer pink (Petite Polish) nail lacquer, except for the ring finger where I’ve used just one coat followed by two coats of a pink glitter topper (Chi Chi Polish). 
I sealed everything with two coats of the Avon Smudge Fixer. 
The result is watery shiny with a kind of gel-like finish. 

Easy peasy. You can achieve the same result with any pastel pink and a tone sur tone glitter nail polish. 
Note: my cuticles apologize with great embarrassment, those were extremely cold days and they weren’t at their best. 



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  3. Che belle unghie Vale! Risultato molto carino e fine! :)))


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