Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Put a Nona in your hair (by Republic of Pigtails)

Ready for a new indie discovery? Today’s post is about a handmade hairclip from a shop called Republic of Pigtails that, as you can imagine from its name, sells hair pieces exclusively.
What, just that? Not exactly, there’s more. There are loads of items, for all styles and occasions: from headbands to fascinators, from ties to hairclips, and some of them can be worn both by adults and little girls as in the case of Nona.

Nona hairclip

Nona is a creation I won chez FashionKrush and it’s a lovely hairclip with multilayer-design and a nice vintage twist.
It’s oval in shape and large approximately 8,50 cm, with a very sturdy alligator clip.
It’s particular to the touch because it features different materials and textures: soft felt, a fluffy pink cotton fabric, pearls, creamy ribbons and leather strings,a bronze bow appliqué with crystal. All in one piece, it’s so rich that one can forget rings and necklaces for one day with a hairclip like Nona.

This hairclip comes in four shades (powder pink, taupe, navy blue and burgundy) and costs 20$.
Visit the site Republic of Pigtails to see the full range of products or follow Rika’s shop on twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram to stay updated on her new offers and launches.
Thanks for reading and, as always, let’s go indies!



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