Friday, 12 December 2014

Mini guide: 5 Christmas gifts for rockers

It’s Christmas time again, it’s time for gifts, shopping and wrapping, in short, the usual crazy rush. But today there’s the first mini guide for your easy presents: “5 Christmas gifts for rockers”.
In fact, you can buy a cool instrument, the brand new album or anthology of your best friend’s favourite band or artist and be sure it would be really appreciated, but you have to renovate your ideas one day or another!


Fun stocking fillers like the Mighty Boom Ball (1), a tiny, phone charm-like, speaker that exploits empty volumes (like tables, empty boxes or cans) to amplify music, or the Electrock Cord Wrap (4), one of the Rocket’s rock inspired gadgets, are particular, yet very handy tools.
A bit of fashion? Guys will love a t-shirt like the Electronic Drum Machine T-shirt (3), they can wear something and kill time by playing the drums and saving their tracks for real, while girls will adore this Plectrum Necklace (2) by Jewell Emporium.
Last but not least: songs. If your friend has an all time favourite song and you can’t sing it, you can always print it!
With the lyrics cushion cover (5) by Vintage Designs Reborn or the personalized song lyrics print by Hope and Love music is all around…
No rocker friends? Wait for the next mini guide!

Valentina Chirico aka Valens


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