Thursday, 4 December 2014

Avon Color Trend - Gold Flecked dazzlers nail top coat (review, manicure and swatches)

Here’s a little touch of luxury and enchantment for your nails, it’s the Avon Color Trend “Gold Flecked” dazzlers nail top coat.
You know how much I love nail polishes and glitters, so this sounds like heaven to me!
This is a tiny bottle (8 ml) filled with golden 1 mm large hexagonal and micro round glitters floating in a clear base. These glitters shine crazily and refresh any nail polish, both dark and light.

ColorTrend dazzlers

Gold Flecked

One can apply it like a normal top coat for a random glittery finish or, as I prefer and suggest, by sponging it over a base nail colour.
Here you can see how dense the glitters are inside the bottle and which result you can get depending on the coats of the Gold Flecked dazzlers.

No matter how I use it, I always apply another top coat in order to make these glitters smoother and the manicure long-lasting. The result is playful and festive, isn’t it?

If you like it as much as I do, you can find it through your Avon representative or via your local Avon web site.
The dazzlers nail top coat regularly costs 5.50€ and its price may vary; along with the Gold Flecked topper there are other two brilliant shades available (silver and purple).
Doubts? Add some glitters.



  1. Looks gorgeous!

    Check out my new post Here!!!

  2. Perfect for New Year's Eve! :) I might purchase a new nail polish just for that. xx Maja

    1. Exact, Maya!!! It shouts "holidays!!".. :)
      Have a nice day and xoxo


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