Tuesday, 25 November 2014

News: Pluck N' File, all-in-one nail and eyebrow tool

We, girls and women, bring with us a huge amount of stuff in our bags, but a new beauty tool is going to change this state of things very soon and simplify our routine.
Its name is Pluck N’ File, a brilliant idea that combines tweezers, eyebrow comb, nail file and nail buffer all in one practical object.

The sparkle behind this product came to Dawn M. Sole, inventor and entrepreneur with Italian origins, during an ordinary day of shopping.
After a trip at the grocery store, she broke a nail while opening the car door, thus she had to search for a nail file and a nail buffer in her brimful bag.
That day was so sunny that she also decided to pluck her eyebrows and that meant for her finding another tool in her bag!
She realized that this boring task, looking for different beauty tools lost inside a large purse, is shared in common with a lot of women and could be solved in some way, possibly an easy way. That’s how the story has begun.

Pluck N’ File is like a Swiss knife for women: unique, multifunctional, lightweight and sleek. 
Available starting from January 2015, it can be supported via its indiegogo campaign
People from all over the world can send a little pledge and get a perk (i.e. discounts, promotional gadgets..) to help the founder finalize the project and cover the mass scale production costs while achieving the best quality. 
Pluck N’ File will be customizable and will mean zero waste of time and money for people and less waste for the environment as you can refill the nail file or nail buffer with ease once you wear it out. 
If you want to support this project, you can know more about it by visiting the indiegogo page or the Pluck N’ File site
You can also follow Pluck N’ File on facebook and twitter to be the first to know any upcoming news.
That’s a great idea for women, created by a woman and realized by everybody!

Valentina Chirico aka Valens

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