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Zoeva - 322 Brow Line, 105 Luxe Highlight brushes and brush clutch, review

When I think about Zoeva, I think about nice-looking products that I dream of after a nice dose of blog reading!
These two brushes from the single line, the 322 Brow Line and the 105 Luxe Highlight, are the very first things I’ve tried from this brand and I'm using them a lot.
The newest brushes, added to the big singles range this year, are 8 tools to define the eyes, contour and highlight the face in a professional and easy way.
They have both natural and synthetic bristles, black and sleek handles, and they’re available as single pieces or as sets sold with adorable and classy pochettes. Do you want to know if they are worth the hype?

The #322 is an eyebrow brush with very short and angled taklon bristles, thus it’s vegan friendly. What I like about this brush is that its bristles are extremely dense and compact so they allow me to redesign my brows where I really need with few strokes!
I use it with wax and powder brow colour and it works perfectly.

The second and last brush is the 105 Luxe Highlight, a brush with both natural and synthetic bristles, developed as a highlight and contour tool thanks to its tapered shape. Its fibers are white and super soft, so much that when I use it, it’s like caressing my skin.
I tried it to apply highlight powders and bronzers but I prefer it to highlight some small parts of my face because I feel I need more control with “bronzers’ tapering” (honestly, bronzers aren’t my favourite make-up product).
I like white brushes and I washed it a lot of times, it hasn’t lost a single bristle, it’s still soft as the first day I “met” it and has the same perfect shape! 

As I’ve written before the sets come with a clutch, indeed Zoeva has two rectangular clutches for this brush line: a large and a small black bag.
They are made out of faux leather with the Zoeva brand name applique on the front and inside it has a shocking fuchsia shatung silk fabric.
Mine is the smaller one and measures 24x12 cm, it surprised me.
When we say “faux leather”, we can’t imagine exactly how it is till we see and touch it with our hands.
The truth is that it looks like real leather, it’s perfect and sturdy outside.

This brush clutch is vibrantly coloured inside and has a small compartment with zip for make-up storage. I actually like the black and fuchsia combination but I think this pochette is too pretty and luxurious to be used as a simple brush and make-up bag.
If I soiled it, I couldn’t forgive myself! I’d love to use it as a night clutch but I’ve had no formal occasion so far, maybe one day…
Just one note: even the zipper is sturdy, probably too much because I can’t open or close the bag 100% effortlessly. 

Both brushes come with a plastic guard to protect them and maintain their shape; the 322 Brow Line costs 5,80€, while the 105 Luxe Highlight is 11,50€.
You can decide to have the small Brush Clutch without further brushes for 12,80€, if you find the “double life clutch” quite intriguing.
No wonder, I love the quality of Zoeva brushes and the style of the clutch and I highly recommend the #322 Brow Line, I can’t find a better substitute for it!
Brows in a snap? Yes, absolutely!


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