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Trends: Dip Dye Hair (yay or nay?)

Dip dye hair? Probably (and unexpectedly) it’s one of the funnier hair trend seen around for a while; it’s youthful and cheerful but honestly, I didn’t imagine how long-lasting it could have ever be.
Celebrities, singers (Katy Perry or the dollish and smiling Nicki Minaj for example) bloggers and vloggers have and are sporting this look, on the net inspirational hair pictures are countless and, thanks to the nice season, this dip dye trend is in the spotlight again. So, what's that exactly?
The dip dye involves just the tips of the hair but, unlike the ombre effect, the locks are dyed with vibrant or pastel colours.
All the colours of the rainbow are welcome!

It was the 2011 when I fell in love and found a new obsession with this hair trend.
Miss Conrad, it’s your fault and the truth is that every and each colour looks great with your blonde and sleek hair.
We know well what this trend is about but now how to get this look?
We’re surprisingly lucky as we can decide for how long we will wear this trend and at which price, it’s all up to us.
We can choose among some appealing options: a permanent, a semi-permanent, a very temporary and a "one-night-only" dip dye.

The permanent option includes a bleaching phase and a colouring phase in order to create a pleasant gradient effect on your hair ends.
All you need (dye brush, hair colour, bleach, spatula..) can be easily bought in any cosmetic store and the colour you achieve can last for months.
As I’ve showed in my first hair colouration post, there are some important directions to follow before and during the process, such as testing the product on a small, clean and receptive skin area 48 hours before and staying in a ventilated room, if you suffer from light respiratory problems, while finally applying the dye.
I’ve notice that if you use a shampoo and a conditioner for coloured or treated hair, the colour will last vibrant longer, so invest on a specific hair care line after the colour.
Here you have a permanent dip dye tutorial made by The Beauty Department, chez Lauren Conrad or the place where my obsession comes from.

There are also some shampoos and conditioners that are able to colour and maintain the new shade of your hair for less time than a permanent dye can do, but for still enough time.
It’s a semi-permanent and cruelty free hair dye that comes in a crazy array of shades; the colour can be done over bleached or untreated hair and can last more than a month.
See the founders of Manic Panic explaining the application in this video, you’ll found all you need to know for a safe at home hair dyeing and everything about the product.

If you want to give this trend a try without feeling guilty, the temporary colouration is the right option. I’m not talking about colour sprays which I tried and found quite silly and drying, nor the Colour Bug… I’m talking about something everyone can afford: hair chalks.
They look like any other art chalks but are suitable for human hair and the obtained colour easily washes out with shampoo.
They could make the hair looking drier but they’re cheap and easy to use, although a bit messy.

Hair chalks - Born Pretty Store 10% OFF with V10K31

Hopefully, there’s plenty of other temporary hair dyes: gels to colour, style and even add extra shine, pressed pigments, bivalve compacts, colourful mascaras and sticks…

12 - 3 - 4 (Deborah-Debby, Italian brand)- 5 - 6

No, really, do you think you’ll have no time for shampooing before the next working date or are you afraid of stains and mess?
Last chance is having a super quick dip dye with clip-in hair extensions…

Left - Right

other ideas? I can’t help that, sorry!
What do you think of this eccentric hair trend, would you try it?
If yes, which colour would you like to “paint” your hair?


sources: collage 1-2 Pinterest and The Beauty Department


  1. Oh I love it this style of many colors on the hair, I think is a bit hard and pricey maintain but looks beautiful.

  2. Thanks for coming here, Raimar :)
    I'm happy you like this trend as I do. Yes, it could be pricey but satisfying a whim once in a while isn't that bad ;-) hehe
    Have a joyful Sunday


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