Saturday, 26 July 2014

Indie creations: Gingko Tree Quilts

There’s nothing better than coming back home if it’s warm and comfortable, it’s even better if you feel that house is really yours thanks to a unique touch.
For the love of all the home décor and handmade enthusiasts, let’s welcome Cathie, the owner of the Gingko Tree Quilts Etsy shop, mother of friend of mine 
I had the pleasure to interview her!
She develops her designs and creates by hands (and with sewing machine, of course) these adorable and colourful cotton quilts. This is what Cathie tell me…

How and when was Gingko Tree Quilts born?

My son had been encouraging me to sell my quilts on Etsy for some time.
Last May, when he was home for a visit, we sat down one night and set up the shop together, finishing just after midnight and celebrating with a glass of wine. 
Could you tell us something about your background? Where are you from? 
I am a retired educator, living in Ingersoll, a small town in Southern Ontario, Canada.
I grew up in a tiny little hamlet called Sleepy Hollow on the north shore of Lake Erie. 
When have you met your passion for creations? 
I started crafting as a little girl (7-8 yrs.old) sewing and knitting clothes for my dolls.
My grandmother taught me to sew by hand and my mother introduced me to the wonder of her Singer sewing machine. Mom spent many hours teaching me to sew my own clothes and to knit sweaters, scarves and mittens for myself, family and friends. 
Now that I'm retired, if not out riding our motorcycle with my husband, I spend the better part of most days in my sewing room, arranging and rearranging fabrics on my design wall or bent over my sewing machine, piecing together my newest project, or downstairs quilting on my longarm machine finishing my latest. 

Gingko Tree Quilts - "Silly old geese"

What's your goal?
My hope is to sell enough quilts to support my 'fabric habit'.
What inspires you the most?
I'm inspired by the myriad colours, designs, textures and feel of fabric.
Do you have a project for the near future?
Much to my delight, my eleven year old granddaughter gets as excited as I do in the fabric store, going down aisle after aisle, exclaiming, pointing and stroking the various bolts of fabric.
I'm teaching her to sew and to quilt, an ongoing project dear to my heart.
Making quilts brings me great joy and I delight in the knowledge that someone will enjoy a warm hug from one of my creations.

I see easily these Gingko Tree Quilts in every house, on a bed, sure, or a couch; in winter when it’s biting cold or during a chilly summer night.
Sometime, you need just one or two furniture picks to create your own home, these quilts are no exception. 
Riding a moto and sewing quilts? Cathie is a cool and talented mom! 
Thank you for letting me show your story and works. 



  1. Absolutely adore her hand-made work! First one is my fave :) xx Maja

  2. Wow these are so pretty! I love quilts.

  3. Oh very lovely interview~The items are very pretty!

  4. @Maja: mine too, this is why it's the first image. I think colours and designs are perfect there ^-^
    @Simera and @Sakuranko I'm so happy you liked her works. I had fun with the interview, it's like meeting closely other people!
    xoxo to all


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