Sunday, 8 June 2014

Zooey Deschanel's no make-up selfie and some personal considerations

I usually don’t follow celebrities on the social media but Zooey Deschanel is a big exception; she’s always surprising and what did she post on twitter?
A no make-up selfie!
Before pictures like this one become a fast spreading trend (if they aren’t already), I have to think this photo, in particular, is genuine, a sort of liberating action.
Besides her talent, I like Zooey’s appearance: no matter the amount or type of make-up, she looks extremely beautiful, that kind of beauty that isn’t randy. She is the girl next door, as you are, nothing fake.
That twitter selfie, with her messy “morning hair”, dark circles and pale skin, puts her near the ground with us, common humans; it means “I’m like this when I wake up in the morning but hey, it’s fine” or “What a horrible night I had!”.

Zooey Deschanel without make-up
Picture from Zooey Deschanel's twitter account

Dear Zooey, I look worse than you but finally I got to accept my unhealthy reddish eye circles and I fear no more to take a picture like you did and I’m glad you did it!
I admit that I like make-up very much but I’ve done a few considerations that helped me to accept my natural face more when I get up and I see it reflected in the mirror with the pillow wrinkle stamped on my cheek.
Make-up is fun and, undoubtedly, a polished face is necessary in certain occasions (think about job interviews, parties, weddings or a date) but wearing it the whole day isn’t the healthiest thing in the world.
Going to sleep with make-up as Dolly Parton does, so no one can see her all messed up, has no sense. Someone will see us without make-up anyway, do we want to shock that poor guy/girl?
A big part of pictures we see daily are false and retouched, because no one is perfect as it looks like.
But the most important thing I think is that, if we wear make-up because we’re scared about what people will think or say about us, then we’re totally wrong. People will always criticize us, whether we wear or not make-up.
These are practical thoughts from a snap, nothing of great value but they have a meaning.
Nowadays we are constantly bombarded by amazing stars’ pictures, perfect body photos on Instagram and impossible looks from magazines and I’m quite sick and tired of them… we easily feel so inadequate and the media doesn’t help our self-confidence.
We need more “Zooeys”, we need more honesty and natural faces.



  1. Such a great post everyone should feel more beautiful without loads of makeup.

    1. Thank you Simera!!
      I'm so happy you appreciated this post in particular because it was born by an instant mental flow :D


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