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News: Maybelline's new Baby Skin Instant Fatigue Blur and Instant Pore Eraser

It’s the last appointment with the newest products from Maybelline New York and the protagonist is the new face range called "Baby Skin".
Please note that this post was originally created for the Italian market and audience, thus it shows some products that aren’t available worldwide yet. You may consider it a preview, maybe.
Designed for young skin with imperfections, Baby Skin is composed of two products to find a fresh, baby-soft skin again: the Instant Pore Eraser and two anti-fatigue coloured creams, the Instant Fatigue Blur (if translated they will sound like Instant Fatigue Eraser).
Second note: these products aren’t skin treatments and I find them to be suitable also for who aren’t teenager anymore.
Are you an university student who’s struggling with piles of books and sleepless nights? Then read on, you’re in the right place...

The Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser is Maybelline’s first blurring balm that instantly transforms the look of your skin so it feels smoother, softer, and appears more refined.
It’s a clear gel with a light texture, enriched with cherry extract, that can be used alone or as a base for makeup. One has to apply it on critical areas by tapping it gently with the fingertips; it instantly minimizes the pores without blocking them, making the skin smoother.
Pores can’t be magically erased, for that purpose there’s Photoshop, so our only hope is making them less visible.
Along with my sister A, I’m using this gel on the oiliest areas of our faces and we noticed that the Instant Pore Eraser doesn’t leave stains and makes our pores less visible, while effectively leaving the skin very smooth.The formula isn’t heavy, it doesn’t irritate the skin and seems to melt with the heat of our hands and the warm room temperature, but it’s extremely greasy and takes a long time to dry out.

The Instant Fatigue Blur (Cancella Fatica Istantaneo) is a water-based cream with a new formula, called "Blur", with micro beads that reflect light, so they can make your face appear more fresh and rested.
It should be applied every morning and can be used alone or as a base; it’s non-sticky, non-greasy and is available in two shades to enhance every complexion.
Cool Rose is slightly pinkish and it fits cool or neutral undertones, while Warm Apricot is light peach and is perfect for anyone who has a more Mediterranean skin like my sister.
The Instant Fatigue Blur absorbs in a jiffy and can be used with peace even around the eye area. It blends in with the natural skin colour and leaves it very light, soft and silky.
It visibly lightens dark circles and, in my opinion, it helps to apply the concealer more easily and smoothly under the eyes.
It isn’t 8 hours of sleep in a tube, but it helps a lot!
I could define it a coloured primer because it creates a perfect base for the face make-up, enhances all skin tones and, applied after the Instant Pore Eraser, it eliminates the oily effect that I dislike. It’s suitable for all skin types and is fun to use in summer, because it’s water based, then it’s lightweight.

Lack of good sleep, lack of caffeine... I'm a bit destroyed.
By the way, my face is really that asymmetric. 

Let’s resume everything…

Instant Pore Eraser

minimizes dilated pores;
only takes a small amount;
not heavy;
leaves the skin smooth

very greasy;
it doesn’t dry quickly

Instant Fatigue Blur/coloured primers

super light formula;
rapid absorption;
makes the color fresher and more uniform;
lightens dark circles;
leaves the skin soft and smooth;
helps the application of face and under eye make-up


These Baby Skin products are new launches on the Italian market and cost about € 9.99 each.
Both, the Instant Pore Eraser and the Instant Fatigue Blur, contain silicones, this is why they give the impression, even to the touch, to function as face primers.
If I had to choose one to buy again, I would have no doubts: the Instant Fatigue Blur in Cool Rose is my favorite one and passes my test session.
The packaging is a bit tiny for the price, but the performance is very satisfactory. Since I use it as a base, I noticed that I use less foundation and apply it more easily.
Have you already found in stores or bought the new Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser? Let me know!


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