Tuesday, 3 June 2014

News: Maybelline's new Colossal mascara, The Colossal Go Extreme

"The Colossals", the famous mascara family created by Maybelline, has expanded with a new entry: the new born is called The Colossal Go Extreme and promises no limits eyelashes.
This mascara with a yellow and chubby tube, compared to its brothers, has a formula with 20x more collagen and a double curved stem that allows to collect more product on the brush. These innovations help to make your lashes look more voluminous and bold in a few strokes, all without the use of fibers.
I used the Colossal Go Extreme every day during the last week and now is the time for my judgement, are you ready to know what I think about it, and most importantly, if it manages to keep its promises?

The Colossal Go Extreme mascara has a formula neither too liquid nor too thick and dries very quickly, but what I feared the most was the amount of product on the applicator.

While reading the mascara description, I thought the applicator, which is very big and helix-shaped, would come out from the tube soaked in mascara and I would definitely messed up or lost a lot of product.

Indeed the brush is very large and needs a lot of product, but what I can pick up thanks to the "double curved” wand seems to be the right amount. 
The mascara is black as pitch and defines every single lash with one coat, the effect is volumizing and lengthening and the final result is intense, yet very natural. 
It doesn’t irritate the eyes, doesn’t glue my lashes and doesn’t create clumps, it isn’t waterproof but can last up to 8 hours without fall outs. 
It isn’t a curling mascara but, by using an eyelash curler before applying it, the lashes will keep the curve perfectly. It doesn’t dry the lashes; one application is enough for a day time look, while a second one makes the eyes more dramatic looking.

I usually apply it once because when I'm in a hurry, I can’t apply a second coat evenly. I really like the final result the Colossal Go Extreme gives me and at end of the day I like the fact that I can easily remove it in a snap with a creamy cleanser or makeup remover wipes: no more panda eyes in the morning!
If I overcome the maxi applicator obstacle, which is sometimes difficult to use, I can’t find other cons in this mascara.
The value and performance of the Colossal Go Extreme are very good: this mascara passes my hard examination.

Have you ever used the Colossal Go Extreme or any of its brothers? 


Product sent for review

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