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Maybelline - Baby Lips lip balms, review and swatches

The Baby Lips are a real cult product from Maybelline; the web has raved about these lip balms since their launch a couple of years ago.
I’m using and trying them with great pleasure and it’s no coincidence as each Baby Lips has a different taste and you know very well how much I adore scented lip balms.
The Baby Lips are lip balms with a coloured and cheerful package that come in different flavours (in Europe there are 6 of them), both fresh and fruity. Their formula contains vitamins, shea butter, honey, aloe and gotu kola; which is known to stimulate the production of collagen in tissues and fight skin aging.
The mission of Maybelline’s Baby Lips is protecting your lips from the sun, hydrating them for eight hours, leaving them soft and renew them with just one week of use.
This is a task for super heroes, do you want to know if they got it?

First of all, I have to make a big distinction among these six Baby Lips, in fact there are three clear lip balms, while the other three are colored, but only the first ones have SPF 20.
It’s a great sun protection level and it’s perfect for those who will go on vacation or spend many hours working under the sun as my fellow archaeologists.
Of all the lip balms I own, the Baby Lips are the most protective, but I was hoping that everyone had the SPF20 for a pure matter of convenience.
The clear Baby Lips are: Hydrate (lime-scented), Intense Care with almond flavour and Fresh Mint, a menthol lip balm; all the three leave a very pleasant shiny finish.
The scented Baby Lips are: Cherry Me, obviously cherry-scented, Pink Punch with passion fruit aroma and Peach Kiss, a peach flavoured lip balm.
Their pigmentation varies and only Peach Kiss contains multicoloured micro glitters.
They have the same glossy effect of the clear Baby Lips and the colour doesn’t last for hours on the lips, indeed these baby Lips look almost like lip glosses.
Peach Kiss gives a light caramel, nude tone to the lips, Pink Punch leaves a vibrant shade of pink, while Cherry Me looks cherry red but it just exalts the natural rosy complexion of my lips.

I admit that getting used to the Baby Lips was hard the first few days, because I had some high expectations. The moisturizing effect isn’t that bad and I think it can last about four hours, with the exception of Intense Care that I use even before going to sleep and leaves my lips very soft.
I noticed that all the Baby Lips have a similar formula which is very light, they leave a glossy veil, they are non-sticky and aren’t occlusive.
Here are my pros and cons about the Baby Lips lip balms:

neutral/clear Baby Lips have SPF 20;
everyone has a light, non-sticky formula;
they’re easy to find;
the shades are delicate and easy to "wear";
their fragrances are for everyone and aren’t overwhelming.

hydration isn’t long-lasting.

All in all, the Baby Lips are a reasonable product; the result on my lips is always beautiful but I noticed that I have to reapply them often. I’m pretty sure not all of you will love these lip balms, it’s all a matter of taste and habit as there's a lot of moisturizing alternatives.
My favorites Baby Lips, the ones I recommend, are Intense Care for the sun protection factor and the sweet almond scent, and Pink Punch for its bright colour.
Have you ever tried them? If so, do you have a favorite Baby Lips?


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  1. I love baby lips too!!!

    Check out my new post Here!!!

  2. I am obsessed with the Maybelline Baby Lips. Peppermint is my favorite.

    1. Nice choice!
      hehe You're a lip balm addicted like me, right? :)


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