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Monday, 16 June 2014

Compass: archaeologist's tool or unique accessory?

Shiny, almost precious and magical, for centuries compasses have pointed to the North. It was the trustworthy travel companion of adventurers and explorers, today it's still a useful friend for archaeologists but...
Compass is so particular that looks perfect as an ultimate fashion accessory. 
Geek, sophisticated or ironic; it can be an unusual extra for a casual look (#3 YougNeek adjustable compass ring, #4 Finest Imaginary compass brooch) or a refined piece for a simple garment (#1 Sora Design Osaka Compass necklace, #2 Things Remembered silver plated compass bracelet).
"Weird gift" you might think! At least it comes in handy: no one will loose his route!




  1. oh very cute and pretty!
    I like too because looks so vintage~

    1. Vintage, right! I also find compasses very fascinating! :)
      Thank you for visiting me!!!


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