Wednesday, 14 May 2014

News: Berrisom Chu-My Lip Tint Pack, a revolutionary lip product

It isn’t a traditional lip tint and will leave you without words. At least, this is what Berrisom Chu-My Lip Tint Pack did in my case.
Berrisom, a cruelty free Korean brand focused on skin care and cosmetics, has created a patented and unique lip tint that you peel off as you would usually do with face pack masks. As those masks are fun to use, Chu-My Lip Tint Pack combines utility with pleasure: a peel off product with a long-lasting and smear-proof colour that looks natural.

How does it work?
Apply it on clean lips, without lip balm, and let it dry for 5 to 10 minutes. When you see it’s dried up, gently pull it off starting from the corners and you’ll have a nice colour that will last all day long, from 10 up to 24 hours.
It’s perfect for people who pass a big part of the day outside and don’t want or can’t reapply a lipstick every time they need it.
You can eat, drink, kiss without smearing the colour or seeing it vanishing, it’s brilliant!
There are two shades available and each one has a different scent: Red Apple gives a pink tone to the lips and smells like apples, while Pink Grapefruit donates an orange tint and is grapefruit scented.

The colour is natural-looking and can be emphasized by repeating the application; at the end you can also apply lip balm or lip gloss in order to give a bit of sheen and moisturize your lips but it isn’t 100% necessary.
Chu-My Lip Tint Pack is full of royal jelly and collagen that will leave your lips hydrated afterward.

Here again the Asian beauty market strikes again with another genial product!
Hopefully, everyone can buy this innovative Berrisom lip tint since the distributor ships it worldwide, in fact we can find Chu-My Lip Tint Pack on Wishtrend at 12,90$ and at 21,99$ for the two piece set.
Have you ever seen it?



  1. fantastico! Non lo avevo mai visto questo prodotto!
    nuovo post sul mio blog sui preferiti e non del mese :) TI aspetto!


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