Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Manicure time: Finding gaps, filling hearts (negative space heart)

Negative spaces, what? Imagine painting your nails and leaving some empty spaces such as lines or other shapes. No matter which design you're creating and how you’re doing it, what you’ve left is a negative space.
I just had to try it and, with a little bit of patience, I've created my own manicure with a void, a heart-shaped negative space. The theme, hearts, is too silly for me, so I definitely balanced it by using hot colors that are by no means romantic.
I must warn you: a manicure like this one could require some skills and some of your spare time, but the result repays all your efforts.

I've started this manicure with a protective base, I used Avon Pearl Shine to strengthen my nails and protect them from stains, because everybody knows that orange nail lacquers are nice guys: they love to transfer onto your nails and stay there for a while! So I've applied a thin layer of my pearly treatment that dries in less than one minute. 
I cut a piece of painters tape, I placed it on a cutting board, I drew a heart silhouette outline and I cut it with a cutter. I did this delicate operation with calm, in order to get a "stencil" and a "sticker" from a single piece of scotch tape.
I've placed the heart sticker on the top of my index finger nail and I've applied one coat of a vibrant orange nail polish, Yamamay n°16 Fluo Orange, taking care not to paint the tape. 
With the help of my tweezers, I've quickly removed the tape while the nail polish was still fresh. 
I've painted all my nails with the same orange nail polish and I've cleaned all around the cuticles with an aceton-free nail polish remover and a nail art brush with flat tip.
I've removed with a cotton swab soaked into the same nail polish remover some small traces of enamel within the empty heart and I've redefined its contours with the damp nail art brush. I've applied what was left of the tape, the stencil with a heart-shaped hole, on the back of my hand and then, immediately after, onto the ring finger nail; with this trick the tape adheres less to the nail and doesn’t ruin your freshly painted nail polish. I've spread Revitage No. 16, a watermelon red nail lacquer with crème finish, inside the stencil and I quickly removed it. 
I've outlined the contours of those two hearts with a thin nail art brush and Lillalab Bronze No. 53, a metallic/ foil effect nail polish. 
I had to repeat this step twice to get opaque lines, but in that way I was able to outline the negative core and achieve a chromatic break between the orange and the red lacquers. 

To smooth the lacquered surfaces, two coats of top coat were needed; I used Kiko Quick Dry n° 800 clear nail polish which is proved to be an excellent substitute
It dries quickly, as the name suggests, and makes my nail colours shiny and smooth like glass.

Latest notes: the manicure took about twenty minutes and lasted for about a week (on the left hand); the Yamamay nail polish seems darker than normal because of the clear nail polish.
Phew! I think explaining it is more difficult than doing it!

Valentina Chirico aka Valens


  1. Such a cute design. Your nails are perfect.

    1. Thank you sooo much, Simera!
      Your comment has made my day :)


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