Thursday, 8 May 2014

Lush - Jungle solid conditioner

Jungle: what does this word make you think about? Lush nature and juicy fruits! This is what came to my mind while using and sniffing this solid hair conditioner by Lush.
This green block is a fruit "smoothie" with nutrients and essential oils of ylang ylang and vetiver, a mix created especially for dry and frizzy hair.
It has an exotic and inebriating scent that lasts for days and the result is totally untangled hair, but is this enough for curly hair?

Lush’s recipe contains shea butter to nourish the hair; fresh figs, passion fruit and kumquats to hydrate it; bananas and avocados, rich in protein, to soften and tame it.
Like all Lush solid products, Jungle is extremely handy and, in order to use it, one should rub it between the hands to form a cream, or pass it along wet hair. It makes the hair easy to comb, soft and light, but its usage gave me a big problem: in fact it’s difficult to understand if the amount used is too much or too little!
Hair remains soft, the electrostatic effect disappears but my curls don’t get major benefits from Jungle.

After this conditioner I can change styling products over and over, but my curls don’t hold up for long. I dry my hair and after a quarter of an hour it loses its shape and flattens; then I find myself waking up with nice curls but after a while I remain disappointed once again.
I’m not able to explain this low performance because my hair isn’t weighed down by the conditioner or by the following curling product.
I used Jungle for a couple of weeks and it remains a mystery and a great disappointment to me. I love the scent but I won’t use it again.
Fortunately Jungle works well on straight hair, so well that my sister A can’t live without it and has found a perfect combination to use it.
In order to keep it and take it during your travels you have to use a box, but if you don’t want to buy the one by Lush, you can use any plastic or tin container.

it untangles knots;
it doesn’t weigh down the hair;
it takes up little space;
it lasts a long time;
it’s vegan;
it has a natural scent.

it doesn’t help to keep the shape of curls;
it’s difficult to use properly.

Honestly, I can’t recommend it if you have curly hair, but if you have straight hair and need a compact products, this is the right one for your needs.
You can buy Jungle online or in every Lush shops. The price may vary depending on your country, it costs £3.35 in the UK and $8.95 in the US.


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