Tuesday, 15 April 2014

News: GlamST virtual makeover site now online

Great news ahead: GlamST, after its girly Windows app, has launched its new website. Now everyone can have a virtual makeover in a snap and it's playful as it looks like.
This gamified experience is actually addicting as a game but it replies to what women really need during a beauty shopping session: testing before purchasing. 

We often wonder "which lipstick or eyeshadow tone will be the best for me?", but what if we are alone and the selection of possible products is huge?
We can switch look and product while searching for the best match and, as the Uruguayan creators team aims, we can finally dare with make-up and feel more confident with our choices.
Don't like the shade you're trying? Just hit a button and take it of, no make-up remover is needed!
The GlamST project wants to create an online community for all beauty lovers where everyone is welcome to share looks and exchange opinions about products and tips.
At the moment we can login with our Facebook or G+ profile, have a makeover and try looks from other community members, while soon other interactive options will be unlocked.

I started creating with the GlamST virtual makeover tool and I've played with some products that are quite expensive... it's such a dream because I can't afford something like that!
I called my first look "Go with purple and have fun" and the lip product "I used", that doesn't fit into the picture, is the Laura Mercier Brown Sugar stick gloss.

Let's turn this virtual make-up into something real...

Here's the chart with all the products involved...
Obviously, I'm wearing falsies to get the typical "mascara ad look", the lashes I'm using are the Revlon Fantasy Lengths Defining ones.

For more information visit the GlamST Facebook page or jump to GlamST.com if you'd like to create your own look or, why not, try mine!


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