Thursday, 17 April 2014

Kiko - Cleansing Pure Clean mini make-up removing wipes

These Kiko make-up removing wipes, the Cleansing Pure Clean, were one of those not planned purchases suggested by necessity. I had never used them before, nor searched for reviews; I've seen them, they winked at me and ended up in my "shopping cart"!
They are a mini version of the Cleansing Pure Clean Classic wipes and they seemed comfortable to carry around with you...
Each pack contains 10 rectangular and stretchable wipes with "an exclusive formula enriched with tested and safe emollient and protective ingredients. After use, waterproof make-up is removed and skin is left hydrated and soft to the touch.” They are hypoallergenic, studied to be delicate on both eye and lip areas, they are ophthalmologically tested and safe for those who have a very delicate skin and those who wear contact lenses.
These premisses were excellent, the result left me vexed.

They dissolve effectively and in a few strokes the strongest make-up ever and they are very delicate all over my face: I just press one of these wipes lightly over an eye and a few seconds later almost all the make-up comes off. They don’t burn or irritate the skin but yet something wasn’t right.
I found them extremely oily, so much that I always felt the urgency to wash my face and, even with the most delicate cleansing product I own, the skin dried out instantly.
It happened with my combination skin and my sister’s oily skin too, the result didn’t change with the time.
These Kiko wipes are scented and contain vegetable oil, but the ingredient list doesn’t specify which one is, given that "olus oil" means only an odorless mix of vegetable oils. The mystery of the oily sensation has been almost unveiled.

they are handy for travels;
they dissolve any type of make-up;
they can be used on face, lips and eyes;
they don’t irritate the eye area. 

they’re too oily; 
they require extra cleansing (in this way they dry up the skin); 
they’re too scented (subjective). 

It was a great pity but I don’t think I will buy them again; I can easily find regular packs of branded make-up remover wipes for € 2.50.



  1. Wonderful review. ;-)
    Lovely greets and happy easter...

    1. Thanks Vanessa!
      I hope you had a joyful Easter.

  2. Nice review! I always go for Johnson & johnson, whenever I'm using makeup wipes. I've been using a lot of micellar cleansing water to remove my makeup lately :)

    1. Thank you, Maja! I've been reading a lot about micellar water, I think I'll try it since it seems so good ;-)


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