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Friday, 28 February 2014

Avon Naturals almond oil and avocado conditioning balm, the results

I've shown too many times this pinky cream, the Avon Naturals conditioning balm with almond oil and avocado and I think this would be the last post about it.
In fact I've 
accurately described it, I've found the pros and the cons of this product but something was missing... what exactly?
Pictures, of course!

So here you can see the final results with the Avon Naturals conditioning balm.
For these pictures I've simply used a basic shampoo for oily hair and the Avon Advance Techniques Frizz Control Conditioner (another old friend of the blog), then I've applied the balm and I've dried my hair with the air diffuser.
Nothing else has been added between those two conditioners nor after. No serums, no hairspray.
The result is a cascade of soft curls, there are so many curls that my head looks huge!
Crazy, isn't it?

Left: with flash - Right: no flash, artificial light

That's all for tonight.



  1. that's great..!! I've had a good experience with and I loved the fragrance!
    I add your blog into mine and if you want follow me that's the link. ciao

    1. Thanks Grace! :)
      I'm glad you had a nice experience with this conditioner and its scent (amazing, right?).
      I'll check your blog with pleasure..

  2. Heey Gorgeous,
    Loving the blog, super chic :)
    if you follow me ill follow back :P



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