Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Enjoy Valentine's day with Lush limited edition products

Valentine’s day is incredibly close and Lush has decided to mesmerize you with new, colourful and scented goodies. 
These boxes look great on their own but what’s in inside?

Toucan Love contains two romantic, heart-shaped products: the best-selling Tisty Tosty, the bath bomb, and the new massage bar, Close To You. £10.95
Lots of Love is a big cardboard box you can use and reuse over again!
There are the limited edition Neon Love soap, inside in a special heart-shaped mould, the Sex Bomb bath bomb, the new Prince Charming shower gel, Ro’s Argan Body Conditioner and Tender Is The Night massage to treat yourself as you deserve. £26.50
Neon Love hosts of luxurious treats as Neon Love soap in an extra special heart-shaped mould, Red FUN a multiuse malleable (and fun) paste/soap, Turkish Delight shower smoothie and From Dusk Til Dawn massage bar. £17.95

Prince Charming shower gel, a neon pink and sweet new entry in your bathroom. Its ingredients are marshmallow root and Fair Trade vanilla, almond oil and pomegranate juice. Its scent is composed by sandalwood, geranium and grapefruit essential oils. £4.65 for 100g/ £9.25 for 250g/ £15.95 for 500g
Neon Love is this year’s limited vegan edition soap and it’s fresh and fruity.
It has bergamot, rosewood and cinnamon leaf oils and has natural ingredients like fresh figs, passion fruits juice and soya yoghurt to soften and nourish your skin. £4.25 for 100g
Love Locket is bath bomb with a secret! If you open the bomb in half you’ll find a smaller heart inside! The outside of this bath bomb is filled with paper hearts that will float on the water, while the center has agar hearts! You can use this huge bath bomb once or divide it in three parts for multiple relaxed baths!
 Its is infused with luxurious essential oils as Fair Trade vanilla, neroli oil and jasmine absolute for a sweet and warm scent. £6.95

Tender is the Night massage bar is a nice return
and it’s inspired by Blur’s song Tender and 1920’s author F. Scott Fitzgerald’s novel of the same name. Its center is a solid blend of softening shea butter and murumuru butter with a cute pink flower on top. It’s cocoa butter-free and its fascinating scent is a blend of jasmine, ylang ylang and Fair Trade vanilla essential oils and absolutes. £6.50
Close To You is vegan massage bar with a fondant center. It’s made with a super mix of butters and oils (including cupuaçu butter, shea butter and olive oil) and has the sweet scent of vanilla. £5.50
The Kiss is tinted lip balm/lip gloss that gives shine, hydration and a nice touch of colour to the lips. It contains rich butters (Fair Trade shea and cupuacu), agave syrup to leave a shine finish, guaranà powder to plump your lips just a bit and PET free sparkles. £5.75

Who receives a Lush gift is lucky, but why wait for someone? At your local Lush shop you’ll find all you need and new wonders you haven’t met yet...
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  1. I completely forgot I bought a close to you massage bar, need to use that up! I purely bought it because it smells so AMAZING!!

    H x

    1. The scent is the first thing from Lush products that attracts me the most! I understand you very well, Hayley :)

  2. Hi sweetie! Thank you for coming by :)


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