Wednesday, 15 January 2014

My little emerald beauty treasuries

When I woke up after the New Years Eve, I felt terribly blue, so blue that I decided to pay tribute to the previous year by wearing something emerald.
Then I’ve thought “what a better idea than showing you my favourite Pantone’s 2013 color of the year beauty products?”. Quite sentimental, right?

Thinking about clothes and fashion, a deep green shade like emerald isn’t really easy to wear but it comes out to be anyway a style changer color.
Imagine a classic black dress and add an emerald jewel, a neutral shirt paired with emerald claws, everything changes with a touch of this precious tone! 

No wonder, one of my all time favourite nail polishes is Noir Emerald by Avon.
When I’ve seen it for the first time in the catalog, I thought it was just cute but I immediately fell in love once I’ve applied it.
It’s intense and shiny, it doesn’t even need a top coat, in fact I wasn’t wearing it in the picture.

The ‘Xea mono eyeshadow turns to be a nice vibrant emerald with a white base underneath, while the Avon glimmerstick diamonds in “Emerald Glow” is a khaki tone pencil with tiny emerald sparkles that make it more special.
It can be smudged or be applied as a simple eyeliner, it’s fun to use. 

Last but not least, glequins! These emerald hexagonal glitters are like little gems in a jar. There are 12 colours in total at Born Pretty Store but these are the ones I’m using mostly so far!

Reminder: 10% off with follower coupon VC10K31

At the end, goodbye 2013! You were an amazing year, but I can’t live on memories.
Hello 2014, I hope you’ll be nice with me!



  1. amo questo colore *_* mi sembra molto bello l'ombretto ;)

    1. hehe Anch'io :D
      Sì, l'ombretto è davvero bello. Bisogna solo lavorarlo un pò e alla fine mostra il meglio di sè!

  2. Avon nail polish is hot! I'm loving the emerald green.

  3. That nail varnish is such a gorgeous colour! I'm loving emerald and dark greens at the minute, will definitely be putting it on my wish list! x


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