Friday, 6 December 2013

My scented lip balms collection

Lip balm is essential to keep your lips hydrated and soft, “remember to wear your lip balm” has been a recurring thought and for this reason scented lip balms have quickly became my little obsession.
There’s nothing bad in having an obsession, so I’ve collected with the time some amazing and tasty lip products, both natural and commercial.

The biggest part of my lip balms is fruity, others are sweet, others herbal…
let’s check them all.
I’m currently using this egg-shaped lip balm from Yamavì, it’s not a famous product but looks like the célèbre EOS. It gives me hydration and protection from UVA/UVB rays, while its green tea flavor is light, delicious and 100% natural. This is all I know about it and I love it. 
From the shop “Real Soap and Good Rags” I’ve bought these two babies time ago: the Healthy Lips, which has the fresh taste of peppermint, and Margarita Lips, fresh and fruity.The owner of the shop usally does small batches of each product, so it's better to put her Etsy page among your favourites to know when new lip balms and flavours are available.
Do you remember the Fat Balms from Eyeko? They weren’t really moisturizing but very coloured and versatile. I’ve still the ones that smell like strawberry, cherry, raspberry, caramel and frosting. The raspberry has just a “sentimental” importance and I don’t use it since it’s pretty old but the cherry and frosting are good enough and I’m currently using the cherry Fat Balm as a blush.
The tiny tubes, the chocolate and raspberry lip balms, are from the Color Trend, the youngest Avon line.
Almost every year Avon Color Trend comes with some limited edition lip balms, Juicy Raspberry surprised me a lot this summer.
I didn’t expect so much from it but it has a nice fruity flavour and a good hydrating power. When I’ve used it for the first time, it reminded me of a Chapstick but what surprised me was in the inci list: the first ingredient isn’t chemical but ricinus oil!

So which ones are my favourite?
I can’t leave my house without the Yamavì lip balm and the Juicy Raspberry. Yamavì green tea lip balm costs 3,90$ on Born Pretty Store (10% off with reader coupon 
VC10K31) with other three flavours.
It’s quite good and I recommend it but it isn’t clutch friendly since the egg package is bulky. By the way, it isn’t an irresolvable issue. 
The other favourites is the Juicy Raspberry, now discontinued. I don’t care, I think there will be others coming in the future.

I’ve realized that I tend to choose always sweet flavours because I’m sure they are going to be a good purchase, then there aren’t spicy or weird lip balms in my stash. I should fill this gap!
So I told you which ones are my favourites, which one was the most horrible product? 

I still remember the Labello Chamomille, I really disliked it as well as I don’t like drinking chamomile!

Now is your turn! Do you like scented lip balms or do you prefer classics?
In this case, watch this space, I'm going to show this neutral and "travel friendly" lip balm soon.



  1. good!

  2. I love lip balms too and I have quite a few. You have a great collection.



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