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Avon Advance Techniques - damage repair 3D rescue leave-in-treatment

The Avon Advance Techniques damage repair 3D rescue with 360° Repair Technology is a leave-in-treatment, specifically developed for very damaged and dry hair, and is also an old pal of this blog. 
This product has a triple action, in fact it strengths the internal structure of the hair, nourishes it from within and mends the split ends while leaving the hair sleek, looking healthy and shiny. It has been formulated to instantly repair three types of damage: chemical damage from perms, highlighting and coloured treatments, thermal damage caused by blow dryers and hot styling tools, mechanical damage, basically brushing breakage.
The promises are excellent, are they true and how does it work?

Avon - Advance Techniques damage repair 3D rescue

As its name indicates, this is a leave-in-treatment, thus it doesn’t need to be rinsed off.
A small amount must be applied on clean and lightly damp (towel dried) hair, as I usually do, or dry hair, while concentrating it onto the ends.
Then you should proceed with the drying as normal.
The most important thing for a correct usage of the 3D rescue treatment is to apply it as the first product of your hair styling routine, so if you use other products, apply them after this treatment. If you follow this basic step, you’ve done it and it will work for your hair. Imagine it as a primer for your hair!
It is a white-ish cream that has a light texture and a scent which becomes very light and pleasant once dried.
The bottle has a particular stopper with a little ball, just rotate the upper milled nozzel and you’ll see the ball going down (see picture below), at this point you can put the bottle upside down and squeeze it. 
For the first application, remember to unscrew the larger base of the cap, there’s a protection seal to remove.

Avon Advance Techniques 3D treatment rescue

The hair appears instantly smoother, soft and light and, by looking closely at the split ends, they seems mostly repaired.
A lot of people said on the net this product eliminates the frizz effect, it does on my ends but I prefer to do not use it on the whole hair length.
Thus I can’t completely judge.
In my opinion, it works but I haven’t got a microscope or an equipped lab, so I can’t say if it really nourishes the hair.
I think it acts as an invisible plaster that joins the split ends together.
All in all it isn’t a bad product and it could be your best friend if you can’t book an appointment for a haircut as often you would like.
Regular cuts and a good diet can improve your hair general health, but if your hair is really stressed and dry, go for the Advance Techniques damage repair 3D rescue. 
I use it especially in winter when the hair looks extremely dull and damaged. You can clearly see the final result from this previous post about my winter hair routine

- light texture,
- it doesn’t glue or make the hair oily,
- smooth result,
- mended split ends.

- just an external effect?

You can buy the Avon Advance Techniques damage repair 3D rescue treatment through your local representative or online (see your Avon country site).
Cost varies depending on your country and available offers, the regular price is 12$ in the US, 6.50£ in the UK, 8.50 € in Italy.



  1. good!

  2. Sounds like a great product. It might just be external cos there's nothing that can repair split ends (sadly). Non the less I would love to try this. I still don't have a online shop in my country but I hope they will one day :D. Have a happy Monday sweetie!

    xx Mira

    1. In fact I couldn't expect a miracle but this product has helped me a lot!
      In Europe you can find Avon products from reps and often there are some real shops (for example in Italy there's just one in the North). If you check the Avon site you'll find more info about possible shops and a form to contact a rep ;-)
      Take care and a wonderful day


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