Friday, 13 December 2013

A little Kiko haul

Last time I went to the university and I did, as all diligent students, my duties, I’ve done some small purchases at Kiko in Naples. I took the chance to go there because there’s a relatively new Kiko shop in Corso Umberto, a main street I take every time I’m there and that tourists may know.
It was one of those rare occasion I go into a shop with clear ideas about what to buy, indeed I wanted with all my strengths a Sugar Mat nail polish. I really don’t know why.

My haul is quite small, I’ve simply bought a packet of make-up remover wipes I was in need, the Pure Clean mini (€ 2.50), and a clear Quick Dry nail polish because it was on offer at a ridiculous price (€ 1.90).
I was losing my mind, there were tons of nail polishes, but I couldn’t find the famous Sugar Mat. 
Then I’ve discovered they were in a little box, just three tones to choose from, and I’ve picked #634, a pale and delicate pastel pink. 
It was only € 2.90, I wanted something more particular but there wasn’t. 

Except for the transparent nail polish, I'm going to write a blog post for each product, do you have any preferences? 



  1. Lovely picks :)

    New Post Up:

  2. I wish we had Kiko stores in our country, I keep reading about their products :) Anything you write in your post about these products will be news to me ;) xx



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