Friday, 1 November 2013

Nailene - Couture Safari design nails kit review

The quickest and easiest way on the market to transform our nails is using false nails, indeed in no time we can change length, shape, colour and style with few drops of glue. It’s that simple and amazing that I’ve changed my manicure with the Couture Safari kit designed by Nailene.

These pre-decorated and ready to apply nails have a sparkly zebra theme at the top of the tip: a metallic silver smile with black strips pared with silver glitter lines, while the rest of the tip is sheer pale pink.
They are medium length and extremely flexible, thus they can fit both flat and curved nail surfaces.

The box, as all Nailene kits, includes 24 nails, a plastic manicure stick, a pink glue and a two-faced file; which means everything you need for a professional looking manicure at home.
Obviously, the longer and more annoying part of the process was finding the right shapes, then I just followed the instructions on the back of the box and I was ready to go.

The wild print is always cool and it seems that almost everyone on the net has tried this “savage” look once! The experience was pretty good but unfortunately, this time I couldn’t find a proper size for my pinkies, the false nails were all too large for me.

Nailene recommends to do not wear these nails for more than seven days, once I did it and it wasn’t the smartest thing I’ve ever done since the nails continue to grow and some false nails may pop out. Follow the suggestion, please.

These Safari nails are like the So Natural ones: flexible and very light. I could type and do all the houseworks I usually do without troubles.
Last advice (this time from me): it’s better to wear gloves if you come in contact with cleaning products because these nails react exactly like nail polishes, they dissolve with chemical substances (alcohol, etc.).


- full kit, 
- easy to apply, 
- flexible and light. 

- not enough sizes. 

You can find the other Couture designs and a list of distributors at
You can find Nailene products in Europe too, just ask at your local beauty shop (I’ve found them in my small city). 


Product sent for review


  1. Great post! love it so much!

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  2. Replies
    1. Thank you Simera!!!
      I'm so happy you've been here and you liked this cool print!
      Have a great day

  3. These are cute! I love zebra print but I am terrible at painting it free-hand!

    1. Don't worry honey, I understand! :D
      I think if I try to copy this look free-hand, it will come quite weird... so far from perfection hehehe
      Have a wonderful day


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