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Thursday, 31 October 2013

Health: MatchaDNA, an organic and quick matcha

Today I’m talking about something good and healthy: matcha.
The matcha in this post is MatchaDNA, it’s easy to find online, easy to prepare and 100% organic.
Basically matcha is steamed and powdered green tea leaves and has a very high concentration of antioxidant and EGCG, a catechin that protects from the damages caused by UV rays.

The quantity of the antioxidant in one cup of the MatchaDNA matcha should be the equivalent of ten glasses of a common green tea, so it’s a very healthy drink for your body.
The history of matcha is quite long and dates back to 1000 years ago in China during the Tang dynasty (and later the Song) and has become extremely popular in Japan but this isn’t a school lesson, right?
So, how is the matcha I’m drinking at the moment? 

The MatchaDNA looks like a Japanese matcha but it’s from a quality of green tea cultivated in China and has a different flavour. The bag I have contains 34 little mono-dose pouches for a total of 85 gr, I think the packaging is very smart because I can prepare my matcha in few minutes.
The powder is very fine, thus I don’t need to sift it again, and has a very bright green colour.

The preparation extremely easy too: boil the water, pre-heat the cup or the mug with the hot water, throw the water away, add matcha, pour hot water at 82 C° and whisk vigorously. Done!

The matcha has a deep green colour and a taste which isn’t sweet nor bitter as Japanese matcha, it’s intense.
The only down side is that, as it may happen with other matcha, it could be a bit difficult to dissolve in water and there could be some sediment at the bottom of the cup. I usually don’t drink the last sip but if you use an electric mixer, you won’t have this problem.

My favourite way to drink my matcha is by adding a bit of milk as I do with my usual British or black tea and I have to say that I love it.
Probably who loves the traditional tea ceremony with its typical slow movements, won’t like the idea of preparing a quick matcha but, in my opinion, this is simply a modern way to do it.
I think this is the perfect product for people who want to drink something totally natural, healty and energizing –instead of a coffee based drink-, for who loves matcha but is still worried about possible radiation in some Japanese products or who want something new and easy to prepare.
The MatchaDNA matcha costs 19,71$ at or at It’s also available the bigger bulk pack (with 283,45 gr.) at 29,7$.
You can also get creative with matcha, there are some recipes on the site.
Do you like green tea and matcha or are you a coffee lover?


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