Thursday, 31 October 2013

Health: MatchaDNA, an organic and quick matcha

Something good and healthy your body and skin will thank you for is matcha.
What's matcha? Matcha is steamed and powdered green tea leaves with a very high concentration of antioxidant and EGCG, a catechin protecting cell from the damages caused by UV rays.
If green tea is a healthy beverage, matcha is even healthier!
The matcha I'm currently drinking is MatchaDNA and, despite its sci-fi name, it's completely organic and very easy to spot online and prepare at home

MatchaDNA, an organic and quick matcha

Talking about antioxidant, drinking one cup of MatchaDNA matcha is like taking ten glasses of your usual green tea, this is why it’s a very healthy drink.
The history of matcha is quite long and dates back to 1000 years ago in China during the Tang dynasty (and later the Song), it has become extremely popular in Japan but this isn’t a school lesson, right?
So, how's MatchaDNA and what do my tastebuds think about it? 

THE PRODUCT: packaging

MatchaDNA looks like a Japanese matcha but the green tea cultivated originally comes from China, thus it has a totally different flavour.
This huge bag contains 34 mono-dose pouches for a total of 85 gr.
You know my love for smart packaging and this is exactly what I think is: a smart and convenient example. I can bring with me a couple bags and I can prepare my matcha in a few minutes without measuring and sifting it.
Thanks to the mini bag packaging, matcha powder is always fresh and ready.

Texture and flavour:
MatchaDNA powder is very fine, thus it doesn't need to be resifted again as other matcha teas usually require. 
Once ready MatchaDNA matcha has a deep green colour (pictures don't give enough justice) and a taste which isn’t sweet nor bitter as Japanese matcha. Hard to describe for us, people with Western tastes, but I can simplify as intense and enveloping.
There's just one down side as with other matcha teas, in fact sometimes it doesn't completely dissolve ending up with powdery bubbles at the bottom of the cup. I usually don’t drink my last sips but if you use an electric frother, you won’t have this problem.

How to use:
Preparing a cup of matcha is extremely easy:
boil the water, pre-heat the cup or the mug with part of this hot water, throw the water away, add matcha, pour hot water at 82 C° and whisk vigorously. Done!

My favourite way to drink my matcha is with a couple drops of milk as I do with my usual English black tea and I confess I love it.
Those who love Japanese traditional tea ceremony with its typical slow movements, won’t like the idea of quick matcha but, in my opinion, that's simply a modern way.

At the end, 
I think MatchaDNA may be a great product for people who want to drink something totally natural, healthy and energising –instead of a coffee or caffeinated drinks-, and for those loving matcha but want something new and easy to prepare.
MatchaDNA costs 19.99$ on along with its electronic whisk, other healthy beverages and the MatchaDNA for cooking.
You can also get creative with matcha, there are also some recipes online at MatchaDNA as... matcha tiramis├╣!
Do you like green tea and matcha or are you a coffee lover?

Valentina Chirico aka Valens

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