Friday, 27 September 2013

Avon Advance Techniques - curl shaping mousse

If you could take a peek into my bathroom you would find a lot of hair products for sure.
This one, in this cute magenta bottle, is the curl shaping mousse from Avon's Advance Techniques line. 
Its label says: "This long lasting hold Mousse boosts curls and waves with shape and hold, leaving them revitalized, defined and beautifully bouncy."
This is what we want to hear from a curling product and this is what we'd love to see!

Avon Advance Techniques curl shaping mousse

First of all, this is a mousse that works on wavy or curly hair and, indeed it seems to enhance the natural hair shape. Even if you put it simply on your hair or you style each lock separately, the hair will be curled.

pump dispenser (the products isn't under pressure)

This mousse has a fresh but hard to describe scent and a light formula while its consistency is similar to a watery foam.
I apply it, as the label recommends, after my usual conditioner on towel dried hair. 
I put my head upside down, I quickly apply it and then I dry my hair with an air diffuser.
The results are extremely light hair and tons of curls but the hair doesn't remain as soft as I like and I find that humidity can easily ruin my hair appearance (sometime it can look quite crazy).
I've also found now that my hair has been grown a bit longer, this mousse is overcome by the hair weight.
So bad since it worked wonderfully when my hair was shorter!

Avon Advance Techniques - texture

light formula and scent,
it leaves the hair light and curly

it doesn't leave the hair soft,
it doesn't stand high humidity

The Avon Advance Techniques curl shaping mousse is available through any Avon rep or online at your local Avon site and its price may vary depending on the country.

I have still 1/4 of product but I must confess that I'm already using the new mousse... everything is new: bottle colour and style, scent, formula and action.
Can you wait to know more from me?



  1. anche io ho questa mousse e non mi dispiace, ma io non ho i capelli ricci e la uso quando mi faccio la treccia per poi avere l effetto mosso, mi rimangono morbidi e ondulati :)


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