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'Xea colors: mono eyeshadows - review and swatches

‘Xea, an Italian cosmetic brand created by Phi pharmaceuticals, has launched its series of eyeshadows and this is, without doubt, a very good news for a company dedicated to young skin and skin care. 
What's so special about these eyeshadows called ‘Xea colors? I'll show you two of them with descriptions and swatches, to discover this newness together.

The collection of eyeshadows 'Xea colors consists of six shades, two matt and four with a shimmer finish, in a mono format.
These eyeshadows, according to the company, “release a solid, opaque and smooth color, thanks to the easy application can be customized in the intensity and in the result”.

The eyeshadows showed in this post are the 031 Yellow and the 041 Green and are contained in a very basic package: transparent with holographic mark. Simple yet extremely durable.
The names of each eyeshadow give only a vague idea of how they are in real life, that's how they really are: 031 Yellow is a yellow sand tone that appears pale gold with a beautiful metallic effect on the skin; 041 Green is a shade of green between the emerald and a pale bottle green and has a silver metallic finish.

At first glance I loved the 041, no wonder since it looks very vibrant! Unfortunately it isn’t very pigmented for my taste, I have to work it well with a base underneath in order to achieve a good result and a brilliant finish.
The base can be a long-lasting primer, a concealer stick or a kohl pencil, the important thing is that this product should be very creamy and shouldn’t dry quickly. These eyeshadows, especially the green one, can also be used with a few drops of water to turn them into an eyeliner.

Unexpectedly, I used 031 Yellow a lot more and I think it has a good chance to join my “emergency” eyeshadows, the ones I use when I’m in a hurry because it instantly illuminates my eyes.
It can be used easily on the entire eyelid, blended with other shades or as a light point.

The 'Xea colors eyeshadows have a very soft texture, they are easy to blend and contain micronized powders that make them very long lasting, in fact I have found that they can last between six and eight hours without losing brightness (always with a base).
The color range is still limited and the final effect is customizable, but this product range appears to be promising.
The pigmentation varies from eyeshadow to eyeshadow, so you have to pay attention to the base used and you have to dab the product with a brush, blend the color and reapply if necessary by dabbing it again.
The possibility of fall outs are low but possible with the 041.

- long-lasting,
- brilliant finish,
- easy to blend,
- sturdy packaging.

- odor,
- low/medium pigmentation (041).

The first time I opened the pods, I’ve noticed that the smell was a bit strong, but it seems to vanish once the product has been applied on the eyelids and doesn’t seem to be due to a quality problem.
The pigmentation problem can be easily overcome so it isn’t a real big issue.

In the picture at your right, you can see my weird face. The pale light has washed off the colours and part of my make-up went away with the sweat (part of the concealar and the eyebrow powder).
I've used both eyeshadows over the Avon Color Trend concealar stick in Medium, under the eyes there's the matt brown from my Avon Mocha Latte quartet. Quite simple.

To know more about 'Xea, you can visit the Facebook page while the 'Xea colors eyeshadows are available online at the ‘Xea shop for 6.20 €.


Products sent for the tester session with Dimmi Cosa Cerchi and 'Xea
all opinion are 100% mine as always (read the disclosure policy)


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    1. Thank you Shalini,
      you're always soooo sweet!!!

  2. Very pretty shades! I like these a lot. Thanks for the review. And thanks for the group in LinkedIn, "Show the World Your Posts".

    1. Ohh thank you for visiting me :)
      I'm glad you like and make use of that discussion.
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  3. Very pretty! It's amazing how many regular drugstore eyeshadows need base under them to look nice. The colors here remind me of the ones I have gotten in my Ipsy bag from the company Be a Bombshell here in the States. ~Christine (Austinista.net)

    1. Yes Christine, this is so true. Hopefully a cream concealer/ eyeshadow does this magic!! ;-)
      Thank you for your comment


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