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How to: curly hair with Magic Leverag

Today’s post is all about hair and how to create soft curls without heat nor chemicals with an eye on the environment and another on our wallet! Who doens't know Magic Leverag?
I suppose, more or less, everybody knows it. It’s a tubes-curlers system that promises a phenomenal perm effect. 
Does it work or doesn’t it work? Is it easy to use? All your doubts will be clarified in this article.

Magic Leverag can be found everywhere: in regular shops, on ebay and online at some beauty sites with quite variable costs. I’ve bought them with the trusty sister A in our usual little shop, where a kit costs just 4.50 euros, extremely inexpensive! 

Each box contains 18 helical tubes in plastic material, different colours and lengths, and a hook-shaped tool to insert hair locks inside the tubes. 
Not all tubes are 100% perfect but the price already explains everything. 
On the back of the box, one can find the instruction that seems to recommend the use of a curling styling product to set your hair. 
The truth? You don’t need it!
Magic Leverag kit: a hook and 18 plastic tubes-curlers
(oh, one is missing!)

Both with straight and wavy hair, you can get a great natural effect without chemicals and without damaging your hair with high temperatures. 

This is what A and I used: 
- Magic Leverag x 2, 
- a double ended brush, 
- some hairclips,
- water vaporizer, 
- hairspray

Thanks to our family's DNA we have loads of hair, thus one box of Magic Leverag isn’t enough for us. We recommend you to buy two kits because, if you insert big locks into these tubes, it can hurt.
Wash your hair as usual with your favorite products, dab your hair lightly and brush them. 
Divide the hair into sections (eg horizontal), keep aside the biggest part with hair clips, leaving the hair on the neck free. 
Insert the tube on the hook, divide the section of loose hair in various and not too big portions.
Since one needs to work with damp hair, spray some water with a vaporizer if, in the meantime, you hair has dried up.

almost finish, the tubes are short anyway.

Insert the lock into the opening of the hook and pull down to scroll the hair through the tube.
Don't pull too hard, you can make this step easier by widening the opening of the curler. 
Continue the same procedure for all the strands and vaporize some water occasionally. When you've finished with all the locks, the most difficult part of the job, let your hair dry naturally. 
Once dry, pull off the Magic Leverag delicately by pressing (thus widening) the end of each tube and by pulling them down. The result: many soft curls.

after the removal

Later we've divided each lock into two strands, we've back combed the hair to give some volume and set everything with a bit of hairspray. I helped my sister with Magic Leverag because the first time it can be quite complicated.

If you have two mirrors, you can do everything by yourself in a short time. 
What's the only major flaw of Magic Leverag? They are tough, so you can’t take a nap or place them before going to sleep like you can do with sponge curlers. 

- economic,
- no permanent damage from heat,

- curlers in different sizes for all hair lengths 

- poor quantity of tubes, 
- (a bit) tricky

Have you also used the Magic Leverag? Have you found them “magic”? 

Valentina Chirico aka Valens


  1. This looks great!!! :D

  2. Turned out nicely. It would be nice if they had longer ones as well, right? I have never used anything like this, however, with my hair I've twirled the hair around pipe cleaners. With one at a time they're tight coils, but I'm sure more than one would make a good size.

    1. Thank you, Petula. :)
      Yes, longer rollers would make the work much easier (and better).
      Have a wonderful day!!

  3. I love these! I've been looking for something to curl my hair! I'm going to look into getting these! Thanks so much! And thanks for the discussion on LInkedin.

  4. This is great Valentina! Such a good idea for us girls with thick hair! I also saw you on LinkedIn, great post :)

    1. Hi Theano, thank you for coming here!
      Yes, this kit is a good option for us but it requires a bit of practice and calm ;-)
      See you soon on the net!

  5. This was great! I'm always looking for new ways to curl my very thick and wavy hair without heat, but I love my curling iron!


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