Saturday, 27 July 2013

Tag: I love summer 2013

I love summer! Not exactly, this is the name of the tag I've been tagged in by Sabrina (thank you honey!).
No secret, summer isn't my favourite season but tags are so fun!! I've a shower of awards/tags to reply to, so this means you're going to discover other little things about me.
Let's get started!

Sea by myaccountnice

Question #1: what's your favourite nail polish for summer 2013?
At the moment I'm in love with neon and metallic colours and I'm wearing this little jewel by Lillalab.
It's #55, an azure-green petroleum shade with a nice metallic finish. It looks green most of the time indoor but it shifts continuousely and outside it shines crazily. It's really hard to describe (petrol, ok)!

note: with some computer colour resolution this picture may look very dull and bluish, but it is really turquoise green

Question #2: what's the must have colour for lipsticks and glosses for summer 2013?
A bright pink or a red coral is what I think it's perfect right now but since I don't wear lipsticks so much, these are my choices: the good old Eyeko Fat Balm in Frosting, that smells like frosting and sugary things, and Tahitian Coral by Lumiere Cosmetics, a nice lip gloss that enhances my pigmented lips with a coral flush and coordinated shimmer.

Question #3: what's your favourite piece of clothing  for summer 2013?
Happy tinted tunics with V-neck.

Question #4: what's the summer trend you like?
Bracelets and jewellery with neon crystals and fabric ribbons, they look fun but I haven't one in my stash yet.

Question #5: what's your favourite summer flower?
Summer reminds me of the four o' clock flower and chamomile, I love them both.

Chamomile by Takashi Hososhima

Question #6: what's your favourite candle for summer 2013?
Candle, seriously? It's not the season for candles! Well, my room is still filled with a huige bunch of Ikea lavender candles but just because I don't know where to put them all!

Question #7: what's the perfect accessory for summer 2013?
Envelope bags! I bought this in Neaples as a gift for my sister, it has also a detachable shoulder strap and a wrist handle.

Question #8: what's your favourite perfume for summer 2013?
I'm in love with Avon Secret Fantasy: a nice blend of red fruits and wood, it's fruity and intriguing.

Question #9: what do you love about summer?
The quick rain and walking on the shore.

Question #10: how is the summer weather where you live?
The weather in Southern Italy is quite hot and in the inland where I live it's very humid and torrid with quick climate changes.

Question #11: what's your plan for you summer vacations?
No plans yet, sorry. I like going to the beach in September.

After the questions, it's tagging time: it seems I can tag who I want, no limit:
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if you've found it fun, do it and feel free to post your tag post below in the comment section!



  1. im in love with the necklace :D

  2. Now I can see why summer isn't your favorite season. It's way too hot in Southern Italy. Over here we usually have just 25°C degrees but yesterday it was 40°C degrees. It was awful. I think I have a sun stroke. I love your cool nail polish and your lip gloss. Have a great Sunday!!!


    1. It's so hot that I can't enjoy my city festivities.. I'd love to stay at home and lie on the floor :D
      Thank you and have a great day

  3. Ihihih che idea carina!!! ottime risposte :) grazie pe ril tag *w*

    1. Valeeee, non vedo l'ora di leggere le tue ^_^

  4. Oh is interesting know more about you. This tag is pretty cute the pics lovely color of nail polish. Why you prefer go to the beach on September?

    1. Hi!!!
      I love the sea in September because there are less turists, thus everything is quiter and the water is crystal clear (it's a dream) :)


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