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Skinetica, an anti-blemish treatment review

Today’s protagonist is the newest entry in my skin care habit: the anti-blemish Skinetica.
Skinetica is a treatment for acne, spots and blemishes that doesn’t use toxic chemicals, thus it's extremely gentle on the skin and environmental-friendly.  It’s claimed to give results within the second day of use, giving a clear complexion without side effects.
Is it really that great? I’ll show you my whole experience.

Skinetica, anti-blemish skin treatment

Do you remember, in my latest article, I’ve shownd my previous face routine and my skin characteristics.
Yes, my skin is really complicated even if it doesn’t present big problems: it’s combination, with large pores and blackheads, sporadic but annoying pimples and dry zones.
It seems very hard to fight those imperfections while being gentle with my more sensitive areas!

I’ve tested Skinetica on my arms first, then I’ve used it on my face everyday consecutively for more than two full moths and now I’m ready to talk. 
The new thing about this product is that it acts physically rather than chemically to attacks microbes that cause acne and it has really surprised me because it has the shorter inci I’ve ever seen!

Skinetica is a liquid treatment that has to be applied with cotton pads twice a day, every 12 hours, on clean and dry skin before any creams or make-up.

It’s an invisible shield that remains active for twelve hours without any touch-ups.  It should be the base for the entire skin care program and it’s light as a feather. 
After applying it, it can result slightly sticky on the skin but, don’t worry, it dries in less than a minute and once it’s dried, I don't notice it anymore.
It has a fresh scent (the first note seems masculine but the scent disappears quickly), a cleanness sensation and freshness are what I feel with it.
After the instant clean sensation, I’ve found the first results on my third day: redness blemishes were gone, pimples were reducing their appearance and my forehead skin was smoother.
When I’ve started the treatment, I had a bigger pimple on my forehead that has takena week to heal completely but, if I exclude this little note, I had no problems with imperfections caused by monthly hormonal changes or stress.
In my first week the skin around my nose has started to become finer.
In the second week my pores on the forehead have started to shrink in size, the skin texture has incredibly changed, then it was the turn of the pores of my nose.
The only zone that gave and gives me problems is my chin, the skin there is now a bit finer but there are still blackheads and some occasional pimples.
Every month or so on I had some zits along the jaw lines, I haven’t them anymore!
This treatment isn’t harsh at all, my skin hasn’t reddened nor chapped. While applying it, it doesn’t make my skin red or feel burn and it doesn’t give me that tighten sensation I hate.
It’s promised that Skinetica will make the skin smoother and softer because it locks the natural moisture, it could be quite true since it doesn’t dry up my skin (but I always apply a nourishing cream every day and night after this lotion).
Skinetica can also be used on the back, breast, arms and where you need a little help against imperfections.
I use it especially on the hollow of my breast and I notice the same effect: clearer and smoother skin.
This product acts averagely fast since some pimples can take more time to disappear but it works well. It isn’t greasy, it doesn’t irritate, it doesn't reacts with my other skin products nor makes the skin sensitive. 
A little con is the fact that the older bottle (the one I had) doesn’t  control very well the liquid, in fact I think sometimes I’ve used to much product!

Let’s resume:


- it’s light and fresh,
- it’s effective and prevents imperfections,
- it clears and improves skin texture,

- it isn’t aggressive.


- bigger pimples can take longer time to heal.

Do I recommend it? Yes, Absolutely. I really think I'll buy a new bottle once I finish the smaller one!
Where can you find it and how much does it cost? It’s available at Skinetica web site; an 80 ml bottle costs 9,90 £ (shipping included) for the UK, 10,29 £ (shipping included) for EU and rest of Europe and 11,29 £ (shipping included) for the other countries.
I think it’s a honest price for a product that works and for fast shipping.


Product sent me for review


  1. I have been using this and my skin has cleared up a lot. I don't know what I would do without it! x

    1. I agree with you ;-)
      Sending you hugs,


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