Tuesday, 11 June 2013

My cold seasons skin care routine for combination skin

I’ve often mentioned on this blog that my skin is combination and dries quite easily, but how do I take care of it?
This is the skin care routine that I’ve followed throughout the autumn, winter and until the cold was all around us.

What a mess!
My skin care routine for the cold seasons.

In the morning and in the evening I always clean my face: during the cold seasons I used the Avon Care 3 in 1 cleanser with aloe and ginger and, as it has finished, I used the Solutions Hydra Radiance refreshing cleansing gel (disc.).   
The second step is the toner, I’m still using every day the Dermolab moisturizing tonic lotion with hyaluronic acid, I apply it on both face and neck and it leaves the skin clean and soft. 
Since I’ve been using it, I don’t skip this step anymore because I think this product has a great moisturizing power.
Several times a week I used some masks depending on the area of ​​the face: on the chin and T-zone I used the Clearskin penetrating pore (disc.) and blackheads clearing deep treatment masks, while on the cheeks I opted for a moisturizing mask from an old Solution line (the Winter one) with vitamins A, C and E. 
The two Clearskin masks have 0.5% salicylic acid, the first one is a clay mask that reduces the appearance of large pores, the second is an intensive mask for blackheads that changes colour when it's completely dry. 
Both dry in a few minutes, about 5, and we don't have to leave them too long on the skin since they could tend to make it red.
They should be used  2 to 3 times a week, but I used each one once a week. The effect is not, of course, immediate, but the more you use them, more results you’ll get. 
Once every one or two weeks I used a gentle scrub like the Dermolab scrubs with hyaluronic acid or a peel off mask to remove surface impurities and layers of dead skin cells. 
For the eyes, in the winter, I often used extra virgin olive oil before going to sleep and during the day, before make-up or after many hours spent in front of the pc, a refreshing  and smoothing treatment from the Planet Spa Japanese sak√® and rice line that isn’t in production at the moment (but was awesome). 
My day cream is still the Hydra Radiance (disc.) with grains of paradise and SPF 15, for the night a moisturizer with pro-vitamin B5 of the Solution Winter line. Yes, I’m trying with all my "straight" to finish my old creams and masks so I can buy brand new ones! 
At least, I used a gel treatment with salicylic acid and the Real Soap and Good Rags handmade tea tree oil stick on my blemishes and in order to reduce any redness and itching, while for the lips I’m using  the Avon Care protecting lip balm with SPF 15 several times a day. 

Let’s summarize: I treated each area of ​​the face depending on its features and I used creams that protect from sunlight, give and hold the moisture as long as possible.
Results: I focused on the hydration, so no dry spots, but still some 
visible large pores on the forehead and some blackheads on the chin.
Has my routine changed in the mean time? I've made some minor changes: at the moment I’m trying to drink lots of water, even if I don’t feel the urge, and I'm using a new cream for the eye area and a non-aggressive treatment for the imperfections. 
What’s your skin care routine? 
See you at the next update. 



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