Saturday, 15 June 2013

A lazy shopping day: the bazaar

After entering the Coursera “tunnel”, I’ve totally forgotten that there’s a whole world out there, so my sister and I have re promised for weeks and weeks to go out, eat the ice cream with the strangest taste we could ever find and do some sane shopping.
Few weeks ago we planned a nice shopping afternoon, even because I needed a light jacket.
So, what happened? No jacket!
We went to the usual shop-bazaar and bought some "things", we didn’t even need some of them!

First of all, I wanted to buy a small fan brush for nail art and, at the end, I’ve bought this: a kit with 6 tools for nail decoration (€ 3), with 5 brushes and a strange dotting tool; decorated nail polish adhesives (€ 1.50) and a bottle of glitters in the shape of silver stars.
I don’t remember how much it costs, I took the fullest one and, although it was in the nail section of the shop, there wasn't the label, thus I was a bit sceptical about these glittes. Hopefully my blog pal Nail Luxxe has assured me that by using a top coat or glue, they will stick easily and I know I have what I need: nail glue!
I’m waiting for my nails to grow again to create the first manicure, because I already have some ideas.

My booty: nail kit, adhesive nail polish
(the silver flowers reminds me of sakura but these have 4 petals)
and glitter stars
My sister bought this tiny packet of cleansing wipes with aloe vera that attracts attention especially for the kawaii envelope (€1.50), a neon blue silicone purse (€2) and a solid case for sunglasses (€3).

What my sister bought

We’ve also purchased other things that don’t fit the blog’s theme like this jump rope. It looks like a toy and, for the delight of my neighbors, its use might be a good workout! 
It also has a counter that can be reset with a simple button, it is very rudimental but it works.
I close this not very fashionable and cool "haul" with the present my sister took for me with these exact words "I thought about you!"...

Random stuff

mikado sticks. 
How am I connected to this ancient game?
I don’t care because I love A’s little gifts.
I’m back into the tunnel, when will I escape again?



  1. I love the nail stars! Want some! x

  2. oh wow quante belle cose!! *w*

  3. Il kit nail art รจ stupendissimo! Sono curiosa di vederlo applicato *.*

  4. Uh non avevo notato la purse in silicone!! E' troppo bellina azzurra *.* L'ho notata qualche giorno fa da Oviesse *.*


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