Thursday, 30 May 2013

Avon Naturals - strawberry & guava body spray

There's a little discovery I want to show you: it's the strawberry and guava body spray from the Avon Naturals line.
I've loved this scent since the first time I smelled this fruits combination and I think it can be a nice substitute for eau de toilette and other perfumes during spring and summer.This body spray has nice, fruity and sweet notes, it starts with a predominant strawberry note with just a hint of the exotic scent given by the guava. After a while the guava sensation comes out and it's a real delight!
I think it's perfect for daytime and for everyone who loves fun and flirty scents. I know that talking about perfumes is extremely subjective and a part of you won't agree, in my opinion it's very sweet but not extremely overwhelming.
Obviously, it doesn't last long as a perfume and it depends on how many time  and where you spray it and the capability of your skin to maintain the fragrance.
The greatest point is that this body spray contains real strawberry and guava extracts, thus the scent doesn't seem artificial/synthetic. 

Avon Naturals - strawberry and guava body spray

- real fruits scent,
- affordable (it's often on offer),
- lighter that perfume,
- not alcoholic scent (there's some alcohol but you won't notice it).


- it may be too sweet to sensitive noses.

It can be purchased through your Avon representative or online (check your local Avon site). The price may vary depending on your country, for example, it costs 6,20 euros in Italy, 4 £ in the UK and 9 $ in the US but, as all the other Avon products, there are always sales and good offers.
The price can be very convenient, I bought it for a little bit than 3 euros (long time ago). 
Not a big fun of strawberry? There are other body sprays/fragrance spritz available, and each one has real natural extracts!



  1. deve avere un profumo buonissimo caspiterina!

    1. Sì, sì! Buono come uno sciroppo di frutta (quello per le granite)!!! :-P

  2. love this product :)


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