Friday, 11 January 2013

Lush - Think Pink bath bomb

If you are low in spirits and your work stresses you, there is nothing better than a hot bath and, if you want to add a little bit of “fun” to your relax, it's time to use a bath bomb like Think Pink: a pink ball, decorated with sugar candy flowers. 
This "bomb" of colored bicarbonate powder, once thrown into the tub, fizzes, rolls and dyes the water hot pink. Its scents is pleasant, with neroli oil, vanilla and tonka absolute, a delicious and energizing blend, sweet but not cloying. 
In a few minutes the whole bathroom will wrapped by essences that awaken the mind. My sister loved this bath bomb and, honestly, I wanted to drive my sister off, and enjoy alone this show. 
In addition to the "colour therapy" and aromatherapy, Think Pink has a surprise: many small pink heart confetti. 

- nice scent,
- energizing effect, 
- fun to use. 

- price

Think Pink can be purchased online (UK) (see your country here) or in a Lush store, its price may vary. 
It's a good product, it’s perfect for someone who wants to spoil herself, but the price can be a bit high, after all, a bath bomb can be used just once!


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