Sunday, 13 January 2013

Holidays at Valens

I'm back, officially!
Days have flown among cups of steaming tea, visits to relatives and chats, my holidays were quiet and joyful... was the lack of internet a positive thing? I don't know, I really missed reading blogging fellows' stories and browsing around.
And you, how did you spend the holidays?
I hope the new year will bring you happiness!

The discovery of the holidays!
Sir, this is the best tea I've ever tried! 
Jamaica Brew: black tea, orange peel and spices.
Spices? This is such a mystery but it's all legal! hahaha

Christmas gifts: no make-up, just useful things!
A warm wool sweater (I love the V-cut) and the new book by Alberto Angela.


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  1. Beautiful nails


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